Groupon Trending Down Heading into 2015

Snapdeal Acquires Wishpicker

Mophie Lawsuit vs LivingSocial Invalidated

Foxtrot Opens Physical Location

screenshot_2500Foxtrot will touch down in Lincoln Park to supplement its ecommerce platform. The online delivery and food and beverage startup launched in the full. It curates food and beverage and delivers within one hour. The online store processed orders, serving as an intermediary between retailers and customers. As the app increased in popularity, it became difficult for retailers to keep up with the demand.

Foxtrot emerges from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business while CEO Mike Lavitola studied for his MBA. The in-store location on Clybourn Avenue will stock the…

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Groupon Trending Down Heading into 2015

groupon-grpnIt has been a rough year for Groupon on Wall Street.  Back-to-back bad quarters have the stock down more than 37%. It fell below expectations in February and May. In October the quarterly results were better than expected, but did not help the stock recover from the six month decline.

Interest in Groupon tends to be based on potential rather than performance. LivingSocial, Groupon’s chief rival in the daily deal market, recently announced a huge round of layoff’s

The goods business accounts for half of Groupon’s revenue while local commerce makes up 80%…

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Snapdeal Acquires Wishpicker

snapdealSnapdeal – one of the largest e-commerce businesses in India – acquired gift recommendation tech platform Wishpicker. Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed. This is Snapdeal’s fifth acquisition and follows the April purchase of Doozton.

Dootzon – a fashion product discovery site – has since been integrated into the Snapdeal website. It matches shoppers wit products they are likely to buy. Snapdeal has also acquired Grabbon,, and

Its direct competitors include Amazon India and Flipkart. The companies compete for shoppers as e-commerce quickly grows in India. It is…

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Mophie Lawsuit vs LivingSocial Invalidated

mophie-lawsuit-livingsocialA lawsuit filed against LivingSocial by Mophie, claiming patent infringement, has been tossed out. In Los Angeles, a Federal Judge invalidated U.S. Patent No. 8,367,235 held by Mophie, Inc.  The claims of the patent were found by the judge to be too indefinite.

Mophie is a mobile accessory designer and manufacturer with a patent called “Battery Pack, Holster, and Extendible Processing and Interface Platform for Mobile Devices.”  The patent was issued on February 5, 2013.

Representing LivingSocial, Dariush Adli, Founder and President of Adli Law Group, stated:

“We are not surprised by this decision, which…

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LivingSocial Indonesia Rebrands as Ensogo

ensogoLivingSocial in Indonesia has been rebranded as Ensogo. The user interface has also changed. It now has eight product sections which include Food, Things to Do, Beauty, and Travel.

The LivingSocial Indonesia Twitter account also redirects to Ensogo ID, but there does not seem to be a Facebook fan page bearing the new name. Its Android app invites users to download Ensogo from Google Play.

The FAQ page on the new Ensogo website states that the company is using the same name across all Southeast Asian markets in an effort to strengthen the…

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Middle East Digital Group Acquires – a Dubai-based daily deal website – has been acquired by Middle East Digital Group only one year after being acquired by Tiger Global Management. The 2013 deal was worth between $20m and $40m for Jabbar Internet Group. Middle East Digital Group has not disclosed the purchase amount, and also has in its portfolio.

Cobone was founded by Paul Kenny in 2010 and has become a well-known coupon website in the UAE region, also serving Saudi Arabia. Cobone sold 2.6 million coupons to date to 500,000 users, and has outlasted…

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Groupon Opens Pop-up Store

8-14-groupon_logo_320x245Groupon is opening pop-up stores in Australia to make quick shopping and pre-Christmas delivery possible for consumers. The company will use a store on Elizabeth Street, welcoming consumers to purchase and collect merchandise, or place online orders and return for pick-up.

The store is offering 70% off of 20 click-and-collect products. This offer will be extended to 30 more products nearing Christmas Day. The physical locations are expected to give Groupon an added presence, according to Groupon Australia chief executive Alistair Venn.

EBay, a Groupon competitor, is also launching a store in the…

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4 Tips for Improving SEO

seo-tips-2015It is impossible to master SEO or LSEO because they are constantly changing, growing, and evolving. Search engines all have their own algorithms which make the process even more difficult. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, so it is often the go-to SEO. 

Even with the ever-changing landscape of SEO, we can stay informed and use common sense to determine where SEO is going. It is time to start planning SEO strategy for 2015. This year brought mobile readiness, responsive design, and going local to the forefront,…

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Groupon Sells 40,000 Ugly Sweaters

ugly-sweaters-grouponThe ugly sweater trend isn’t going away, at least not for 40,000+ consumers who purchased ugly sweaters on Groupon since October.

Spokesman Nicolas Halliwell stated last Friday that the coupon site has run about two dozen ugly sweater deals since October.

At one point between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ugly sweaters were top sellers on the site. 

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Steven Marritt Promoted to CEO of LivingSocial UK/IE

screenshot_2501LivingSocial has promoted Steven Marritt to CEO for UK and Ireland. This comes at a time when LivingSocial is gradually moving away from traditional daily deals to becoming an online marketplace and a merchant marketing platform.

Marritt will be responsible for ensuring the efficiency and high performance of its established channels while aligning the process with headquarters and investment in data science, technology, and mobile.

Marritt stated the following:

“Exciting times lie ahead for Living Social UK/IE as we plan to develop the platform further in 2015, focusing on providing novel and enriching experiences at the…

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