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Nothing says “come save at my store” better than a coupon sent directly to your mobile phone – and that’s exactly what St. Louis retailer Schnuck Markets is doing.

Dubbed “Schnupons” (try typing that ten times fast!) the coupons are sent to users with MMS capability on their phones, who text “schnucks” 223344 to opt-it for savings. New Schnupons are delivered every day and include savings on grocery items like pickles, cheese and orange juice – practical things that most people buy on a regular basis.

The Schnupons can be printed or shown on your mobile phone at checkout and follow the market’s launch of two other digital savings programs – “Drive-Time Specials” and “Wednesday Wows”. Designed to improve customer engagement, Larry Maggio, the director of marketing services also says they hope to increase the number of shopping trips by enticing (or reminding) customers daily  of things they might want to keep on hand.

“If someone who had not planned to visit Schnucks sees a coupon they like, and now visits a store, that’s what I want. We want to change their shopping behavior,” Maggio said.

Drive-Time specials are Facebook exclusive, and customers can download and print them from the Schnuck’s Market Facebook page. These are kept under wraps until Fridays at noon, and are good from 3-7 that day, for people who are looking for dinner ideas; and to save money. They often include easy dinner combinations, or on occasion, dessert combinations.

Wednesday Wows are also Facebook based coupons, but the user must “like” the page before printing the coupons out. Maggio says it wasn’t a passive marketing experiment.

“We didn’t want it to become a straight-forward coupon deal. We want them to have a conversation with us. And they’re willing to do that.”

Digital marketing has become such an important tool for Schnuck’s Market, that they’ve created a position of “digital specialist”, whose role it posting, monitoring and responding to Facebook and Twitter comments and inquisitions. How many supermarkets have those??

Source: SupermarketNews

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