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UPDATE: The following information was received by Daily Deal Media his evening. Groupon saw the press this story was getting, and quickly took care of the issue that Ms. Green was having. This is an except from the email she received from Groupon on Thursday

Natalie, Jan-18 11:40 (EST):

Hi Judith,
I apologise sincerely for the experience you have had with this voucher.
We do not wish this experience on any of our customers.
I have now taken over this case, and as such, I will be refunding your 4 vouchers immediately.
You will find your refund back onto your method of payment within 7 working days.
It will appear as a reverse transaction on the date you purchased the deal, this being Oct 4 2011.
If you have trouble locating the funds please contact your bank for assistance.
Once again, I apologise for this experience and hope this is a satisfactory resolution.
Kind Regards
Customer Support
Groupon Pty Ltd
The original story follows:

When you buy a Groupon you’re automatically signed up for the great customer service that Groupon is known for – or so you think.

 A Sydney, Australia Groupon buyer is very unhappy with the service she received after buying a deal voucher for a tapas and wine bar at Concord. Judith Green purchased the deal  for Toro’s Tapas and Wine bad. It cost $39 and included Tapas for two, and a jug of Sangria (a great sounding deal in my opinion!). Green called the restaurant, booked a reservation to use her voucher and headed for Concord.

She traveled from her home in the Blue Mountains to Sydney on the day of her reservation. He trip was 200km (124 miles, hence the reservation) only to find the restaurant closed and completely deserted. *WHAT??* She couldn’t use her voucher and wasted gas and time getting there and back.

Her complaint was as follows:

“From Groupon I bought 4 vouchers for a meal for two and a bottle of wine for a restaurant called Toro’s Tapas and Wine Bar at Concord. I rang and booked for 29th December, travelled from the Blue Mountains and found that they were closed and the shop seemingly abandoned. The windows were papered over but the door was unlocked and no one there. We asked the restaurant next door if they new what was happening, they said they were closed and had moved out. I requested a refund from Groupon and was told that they were confident that the business was still trading. I have tried calling them on 10 separate occasions at different times. No answer. I now get no response from Groupon.” News contacted the on Judith’s behalf, and got no response.  She continues to go head to head with Groupon Australia’s customer service team, to no avail. She feels that Groupon didn’t thoroughly investigate the restaurant before running a deal, and feels that if a merchant closes its doors, that the Groupon buyer should automatically get a refund. That seems reasonable, right?

As the days passed, Judith finally  heard back from Groupon:

xxxxx , Jan-13 09:49 (EST): Hi Judith,
Thank you for contacting Groupon and I apologise for the delay in response.
We have just been advised that Toro’s Tapas and Wine Bar is currently being renovated and will reopen on 17 January. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your patience. Kind Regards, Lxxxx Customer Support.

(Really Groupon AU? That’s it? she drives over two hours one way after making a reservation and that’s what you say? You’re representing this restaurant. You’re vouching for them!)

Judith responded:

“Well that is not good enough. I made a booking for the restaurant, it was accepted personally, they took my phone number. They did not contact me and have not done so since. When I arrived the place was closed and seemingly abandoned. This failed visit was almost a 200 km round trip. I did not buy vouchers for a restaurant in renovations. I want a full refund and I want it now. I have no confidence in what you tell me as you have twice previously advised me to book again because they were still operating.

Groupon failed to respond, so Judith reported her complaint to News and

“Hi, About 20 minutes ago I sent them another email because I had heard nothing from them since last Thursday. After I send the email, I also rang the number on the coupon for the restaurant to see if indeed they had opened. I got an answer but the name of the restaurant has been changed. I asked them if they were Toro’s Tapas and Wine Bar, the woman said no they closed down. She went on that if you had vouchers you could use them at another restaurant her boss has around the corner called “Brazillian”. The plot thickens! I will send another email to Groupon with the above.”

Groupon finally responds with another formal, polite email, which is not getting the problem solved:

Hi Judith. Thanks for contacting Groupon Australia. We sincerely apologise for the frustration caused by this deal, we are aware of current issues. We are currently investigating the issue with Toro’s Tapas and will provide you with an update accordingly. As of yet we will not be processing refunds so sit tight and thanks for your patience! Kind Regards Lxxxx

She told News about her frustration with their response:

“Just came from them. I responded, That is rubbish. How many times are you going to change your story and ‘investigate’ this scam. Your response to my complaints have been on a par with a bunch of crooks. You sold me something that I can’t access. That is illegal if you knew about it at the time. You have subsequently been made aware of it so you have NO choice but to refund me.”

Groupon Australia still hasn’t responded as to why the refuse to refund the unusable voucher. They set the standard in the Code of Conduc tinthe Group Buying Industry and really should get this taken care of sooner than later. 255 other people bought the deal.

 Bad news spreads faster than good new Groupon Australia… I’ll update this story as news come in.

Source: News

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