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2014 Posed to be a Big Year for eCommerce in Southeast Asia

ecommerce, social media, daily deal mediaThe emergence and subsequent growth of mobile commerce is changing the overall experience of online shopping. Consumers are looking for more and newer experiences and options in mobile commerce.

While many payment companies, such as Paypal have made attempts to fill the needs of mobile shoppers, most have fallen short. Mobile consumers apparently prefer the apps that allow them to make a purchase, make payment and set up delivery without much time or effort.

In the last year, there have been well over $638 million in investments made into companies and startups addressing mobile commerce in Southeast Asia. Online marketers see great potential in this region, and they are working hard to capitalize on it. Rocket Internet has invested a bulk of money into native app ventures including Lazada and Zalora.

Other investors in this industry and region include Dealguru, a daily deal sites and Singtel a telecommunication company. Kaskus, an online forum in Indonesia has already announced it will be unveiling an e-commerce platform in 2014. The website Carousell offers a platform for user-to-user buying and selling. They launched less than two years ago, and they already have between 50,000 and 100,000 users.

Ecommerce related startups are springing up all over Southeast Asia. These companies are offering services ranging from SEO to content curation. Many offer management of ecommerce logistics or social media management. The mobile and ecommerce industry offers a wide area for growth in support services. 

The interest in Southeast Asia has grown immensely and while there is still plenty of room for growth, the market will fill quickly, so now is the time to get involved. Part of the reason the market is posed to explode with activity is because of the eagerness of consumers in the area to take advantage of online opportunities.

SingPost and Singapore Press Holdings are just two of the larger companies actively investing in online retail. As their business grows, they are likely to expand into other areas such as fashion, publishing and food.


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