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Creating a Content Marketing Road Map for 2013

content roadmap 1Content marketing is gaining a lot of attention in 2013, and rightly so. When it’s done right, it can lead to traffic and leads which can drive sales and revenue. The key is having a plan to effectively reach your target audience and grab their attention. Creating a content marketing guide will help you stay on track, schedule your campaigns and maximize your efforts in 2013.

Know your market. Study what is going on in your industry. Identify the current trends before you start writing haphazardly and using outdated tactics. Get a pulse for what your audience is interested in and how they digest information.

Keep an eye on your competitors. What kind of content are they producing? Who are they marketing it to? Look at how your brand and content compare to see if you are staying competitive or need to adjust your strategy.

Concentrate on your brand. What message do you want to convey about your product or services? Be as specific as you can so you can create content around it and send out relevant information.

Set specific goals. What do you hope to accomplish with your content marketing strategy? Plan how you intend to reach your goals. Decide how often you will publish content and which platforms will work best to reach your intended audience. You’ll also need to plan how you can personalize your content, promote it and monetize it. Don’t forget to include a social media strategy and content designed for mobile users as well.

Track your progress. Analyze the data you collect based on your content marketing efforts. See what works and what doesn’t to tweak your strategy accordingly. If you notice that you are getting a large number of visits from mobile users, but you haven’t converted them into customers yet, it’s time to rethink your content and tailor it to meet their needs. Study the demographics to better understand the type of problems they have and how you can provide solutions.

By creating a roadmap you’ll be able to analyze your business to see which strategies work best, promote your brand with clarity and see what your competition is doing and segment your audience to better serve them. Set up a realistic budget and plan for the future with specific goals in mind.

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Jennifer Snowden

Jennifer Snowden is a Project Manager at Mogul Media. Mogul Media is a digital media company with a portfolio of digital brands and services.
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