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Groupon Trending Down Heading into 2015 Costs Merchant Thousands, Accused of Running Scam Website, the daily deal site that connecting deal-seekers with online business, has come under fire recently from both merchants and customers alike as both parties are loosing faith in and money through the company. Andrew Simmons, CEO of, was one such victim.

Simmons entered into two separate agreements with this November to run promotional deals with two of his products: ornaments and canvases. After a lengthy, somewhat suspicious game of back and forth with account managers, eventually being moved completely from one representative to the next mid-agreement, the contracts were signed Simmons’ deals ran. First the ornament deal on Thanksgiving weekend and next the canvases deal on December 6th-7th.  As per the contract(s), specifically in paragraph 3.4, Mr. Simmons explained, he was to receive partial payment on the 5th business day following the end of the deal run. Unfortunately that was not the case. Instead, Simmons was left with 349 vouchers, the equivalent to thousands in orders from which he has yet to receive any compensation.

“Incidentally, the first payment was to be by check but the subsequent payments would be ACH. They also received my W9 twice, to make sure they had everything they needed, two weeks ago. Again, no return phone calls, just voicemail.” – Andrew Simmons

Simmons tried phone calls and emails with no success and eventually moved to the Internet and Daily Deal Media for assistance. His last interaction with was on December 16th, 2011. Simmons had sent another email to his account representative at SaveMore who had set-up and run his deal, inquiring about his missing payment. Instead of a response, Simmons received only an “Email Opened” auto-reply: 

Subject: Payment Status

Sent: Friday, December 16, 2011 4:18:44 PM (UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavik

was read on Friday, December 16, 2011 4:19:21 PM (UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavik.

For Simmons, this magnitude of sales was “devastating”…

“For us, this deal was a big one for our growing company, and is a significant loss because we now have angry customers who paid for the voucher, and expect us to deliver without us having our funds. Between our loss of approximately $12,000 and the $12,000 in canvases we are expected to fulfill, it’s significant for us.” – Andrew Simmons

Simmons has filed claims with the Better Business Bureau, from which SaveMore unsurprisingly has an “F” Rating, as well as with the FBI Internet Crimes Division, but is still yet to hear a response from

“This has been a nightmare for us, angry customers and the like… It’s just devastating to know that we are shipping product out that we’ll likely never get paid for. We’re running full steam to get Christmas orders out, but it’s a dismal Christmas for us, and ultimately for the Six Shooting Stars this company was built for – my six special needs kids I adopted five years ago. ” – Andrew Simmons 

Social Buzz Response 

Simmons isn’t alone. The Internet is vibrant with unhappy customers, trying to understand what exactly is all about. Most aren’t too happy either. An initial Google  on the company, is enough to show newcomers what searches is currently dominating:


Additionally, just about every other post on the SaveMore’s Facebook wall  is a direct complain from angry customers who have not received their purchases followed by SaveMore PR trying desperately to calm the panic:


Savemore_X_facebookIrritated customer eventually resorted to making their own pages on Facebook as they saw SaveMore deleting customer negative posts on their Fan page and website and even going as far as to block IP addresses of bloggers who they wanted to censor. One notable fan page is entitled: / / / are scammers. Controversy may make it difficult for angry customers to reach; however news of the company’s questionable practices has been increasingly easy to find. According to unconfirmed online sources, SaveMore is at the end of a long chain of companies, all with debatable ties. It may be that SaveMore is owned by Augur Inc, which furthermore is owned by Doug Van Arsdale, the CEO of and CEO of Credit Solutions of America. SaveMore’s CFO, Mona Cayard, is also the CFO of and CFO of Credit Solutions of America. Credit Solutions of America is widely known for controversial settlements and is currently the subject of several pending lawsuits nationwide.

According to the Texas Secretary of State, is owned by OMV Holdings, which is listed as a the managing agency for a variety of “F” Rated companies mostly registered to virtual office spaces. SaveMore actively runs deals with many if not all of these sites, all “owned” or “managed” by OMV Holdings. for example, is one such “merchant company” that has people customer’s buzzing:


OMV Holdings reportedly owns multiple “merchant”-like stores, perfect for a daily deal site including:, 
Beauty Bargains, 
Eco Worthy DBA & &,
Educate Me, 
Fabulous Nails LLC –, 
Gadget Gear DBA &,
Home Gear, LLC –, 
Live Healthy LLC, 
Live Thin LLC, 
Power Bands LLC, 
Slap Gear LLC, 
Your Bright Smile – Smile Bright

We reached out to for comments stating no more details beyond a tip from a merchant not receiving payment. President of Sales, Lauren Harris, returned a prompt response on behalf of

Due to recent accounting system changes, we did fall behind on our payment schedule. We have made improvements to ensure this does not happen again. is working diligently to pay our merchants in a timely manner.


This afternoon, 12/12/12011, the Better Business Bureaus “Warned Shoppers about Complains on” stating in their article: 

“The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns shoppers who are going online to shop for last minute gifts and gift cards that in Dallas, TX, has been the subject of 227 complaints in the last few months from customers across the country. Complaints concern non-receipt of vouchers; non-delivery of products such as cell phone covers, water bottles, and watches; and gift card vouchers that don’t work. Product orders are fulfilled by sites including,, Reusable,,, and others.”

Jeannette Kopko, spokesperson for the BBB serving Dallas and Northeast Texas commented: 

“Although answers complaints with assurances that problems have been addressed and makes credits and refunds, the complaints continue…Customers expect that businesses should not only address individual complaints, but also look into and correct the causes of complaints.” –  Jeannette Kopko, spokesperson for the BBB serving Dallas and Northeast Texas

Source: Better Business Bureau 

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