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As irony would have it, the exploding daily deal industry really isn’t about group purchases, at least not solely. When you get right down to it, small businesses are levelling the playing field with the new and powerful medium for getting the word out and going viral. Gone are the days of endless spending to create advertisements, and further bleeding of revenue through running the ads.

Daily deal sites typically run any given ad once per month, and the great part is that ads aren’t constrained to the online or mobile realms. In fact, massive revenues are coming in from television and radio as well. The battle is on for daily deal supremacy, and with companies trying all sorts of new tactics to get the attention of consumers, there’s no sign of things slowing down any time soon.

As long as the furious pace of competition continues to grow, shoppers everywhere stand to gain, but so do merchants, websites, and CEO’s. Companies from a multitude of industries are joining the fray, which begs the question: How will the daily deal industry affect the marketplace? Will it drive down prices, or force additional stores to shut their doors if and when the big boys in the game buy everyone else out?

One can’t help but wonder where the daily deal “fad” (in actuality, it appears to be anything but that) will lead us to as consumers. Much more time spent online might not be what society needs, but as inflation continues to rise, and prices follow suit, consumers will no doubt seek out the best deals available to stay afloat.

Like scientific experiments, where will these deals permeate? Plastic surgery? Adoption costs? How about blood or a half-off deal on your next surgical procedure?



Brian Good

Brian Good is one of the founders of dealdoc.com a leading daily deal aggregator. Brian has been the driving force in several proftable online marketing campaigns in the eleven years he has been in the marketing field. He currently manages the online marketing force behind dealdoc.com. His secret to success is honesty, patience, hard work, and his ability to cope with the day to day pressure of his business. He is likely found on the forums sharing his hard earned information or just trying to help out a newcomer. In late 2010 Brian made a decision to his partners and family to devote all of his time to the thriving daily deal industry. He is a proud contributor to dailydealmedia.com.
  • TomClarke2323

    Wow! What world are you living in?
    The merchants will never win with 75% OFF!

  • OfertaOne.com

    regarding toms comment-Obviously Tom is not schooled on the model. Its not about the first deal. Yes, it requires discounting down on the first transaction, but thats the only downside. No risk compared to traditional media. Its here to stay ! Get onboard Tom.

  • TomClarke2323

    The product is the discount. If the merchants do not provide the discount, there is no DD sales. The downside is a horde of discount seekers who will NOT return for additional purchases.

  • TomClarke2323

    Today's daily deal? Who cares
    Can you argue with these numbers?
    “Traffic to flash sales and daily deal sites has been dropping over the past few months, according to online traffic monitor comScore. Gilt is down 22% since the start of 2011, and Groupon has fallen off 13% during the same time period. (Both are still up year over year.)”

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