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monkeybarsSocial marketplace, Monkeybars, a site that allows artists and others to earn royalties from the activities they already do on a daily basis. The site, which announced its beta launch in January, says its goal is to build a sustainable community that values artists for their creativity and fans for their support.  In this case the term artist applies to musicians, film makers, e-book authors, and artists. So Monkeybars should prove to be a valuable resource for a wide variety of creative people though their press release seems to focus mainly on musicians.

With the advent of online distribution, recording artists and their management teams are looking to leverage the frictionless nature of online distribution and the ability of social networking tools to create direct, and hopefully persistent connections with their true fans,” said Mike McGuire, vice president of research with Gartner’s Media Industry Advisory Services.  “Platforms which can marry both of those capabilities – and turn those true fans into an artist’s or band’s best sales people, are going to be increasingly valuable to the music industry.”

Tom Thimot, CEO of Monkeybars said “Right now, friends are constantly recommending content through social networks, but they are not getting anything for it, while the artists—from the popular to the undiscovered—continue to hand over large percentages of their worth to third parties in order to have their voices heard.

We created Monkeybars to put artists and fans back in the driver’s seat. As influential fans steer their friends towards fresh and innovative content, not only is the support of artist’s creativity accelerated, the entire community is rewarded and sustained,” said Monkeybars Founder, Robert Hayden.

How Monkeybars Works:

1. Artists can upload their work and list it for sale on the site, called the Monkeybars Playground  

2. Artists can set their own price points as well as the monetary amount of royalties the artist wishes to “reward” the community.

3.  As the content is bought and recommended, each further purchase is financially rewarded through the Monkeybars Social Graph Royalty Program™

Monkeybars recently welcomed recording artist Sara Skinnner to the site. Ms. Skinner currently has three songs available for sale and will debut her first album on the site this month.

“I love all of my fans, and it’s really awesome that now I can actually reward them for promoting my music online instead of just saying ‘thanks’.” said Skinner. “Launching a music career is super stressful, but Monkeybars is the perfect avenue for me to promote my music to my fans while motivating them to want to share it as well. I also love how I can connect and interact personally with my fans on Monkeybars and receive all of their feedback that will make me a better artist.”

For more information on Monkeybars you can visit the site at

About Monkeybars

Monkeybars is a social marketplace that connects artists and their fans like never before. Only Monkeybars rewards fans for discovering and sharing the content they love across their dynamic social networks through its unique Social Graph Royalty Program ™. Monkeybars provides artists a channel that incentivizes fans to accelerate distribution of their content while artists maintain control of profits and rights. Artists can directly interact on Monkeybars with their fan base and reward their loyalty and support. Coming to the Monkeybars playground simplifies discovering content you’ll love, while directly supporting artists and authors, rewarding fans’ loyalty and creating a self-sustaining community.

Krissa Ashton

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