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chompApple’s App Store is certainly a success that is bound to get bigger. It has over 500,000 apps and total downloads exceed 25 million. The major challenge has been to help customers pick the app they need from the huge number available. While established apps continue to sell well, new apps have had a tough time making their mark. This is where Chomp will play a vital role.

Chomp is an app search and discovery platform that currently has modules for both iOS and Android devices. For instance, Chomp has a partnership with Verizon for a search platform for Android apps. While existing partnerships will continue for now, Chomp is expected to eventually work only for Apple products. Chomp’s stand-alone products too will soon come under the Apple banner. While this is a loss for users of Android devices, users of iOS products will certainly gain from easier discovery of apps designed to make their lives smoother.

Chomp has around 20 employees who will start working for Apple. Its CEO and co-founder Ben Keighran as well as other investors are likely to have been well-compensated by Apple. After all Apple has over $100 billion in cash or cash equivalent after its success in the previous quarter.

Apple expects to use the Chomp team and technology to completely re-haul the App Store and make it more user-friendly. Both the search and recommendations features of the App Store will soon be easier to use. This is something fans of Apple products are sure to appreciate.

Source: Bloomberg

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