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File this one under strange but true.

walkers pointFrom 1978 until 1991, notorious serial killer Jeffery Dahmer brutally tortured, killed, dismembered and sometimes cannibalized 17 young men that he had picked up in the area of Walker’s Point area of Milwaukee. As hard as it is to fathom such horrific crimes, it is almost as equally difficult to imagine why someone would try to capitalize on such events, especially while families of the victims are still alive.

Bam Marketing and Media, a Wisconsin marketing group is giving tours of the bar and area haunts where Dahmer picked up his victims. To add insult to injury for the families of the murder victims, Groupon had even joined in to offer a discount rate on the tour, a 90 minute walking tour, two tickets for $25, a 58 percent savings over the regular $60.

I have to wonder if the Groupon sales person that set up the deal or the person that wrote the ad copy even had a clue as to who Jeffery Dahmer was or how recent, for some, this crime really was.

Things that go bump in the night keep us awake by invading our dreams and loudly honking car horns every 30 seconds. Give yourself the creeps with this Groupon…. Guides march guests through the grisly corridors of Jeffrey Dahmer’s life and killing spree as they narrate the triggers of his psychosis and the heinous crimes he committed.

To Groupon’s credit, they have since canceled the deal.

Amanda Morden, spokesperson for Bam told CBS News, “Whether we like it or not it’s part of our city’s history. It’s part of our nation’s history.

That sounds like as good an excuse as any for exploitation. As for Groupon, is there any place they won’t go with their sticky, daily dealin’ fingers to make a buck no matter how insensitive it might be?

dahmer tour

Source: CBS News

Krissa Ashton

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