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Video Interview with Saveology CEO, Benzion Aboud

Boyan Josic, CEO of Daily Deal Media Interviews Benzion Aboud, CEO of Saveology at the Grand Opening Event of Saveology’s State-of-the-Art Facility in South Florida.

Saveology_new_buildling_south_FLAs one of Florida’s fastest growing companies, Saveology has more than just a remarkable campus fueling their rapid expansion in the Social Commerce Industry.  The home services company is taking a leading role in the Industry by utilizing the tools it already has and creating unparalleled deal opportunities that even fortune 500 companies are having a difficult time turning a blind eye to. In an exclusive interview with Boyan Josic, CEO Benzion Aboud explains Saveology’s genius business model, and distinctive features, very prominently unmatched by any player, they are bringing to the Social Commerce space.

Why does this location work?

“We thought, “How do we build a technology facility in south Florida?”…You don’t really find many dot.coms down here. What we’ve been able to do is really develop that culture and develop the right facility that we could recruit down here. We could retain great people… And in the morning people are happy to come to work here.

Of note is the company’s business size and growth. Saveology currently has about 1100 employees with 600 alone in the state of Florida. Of this, they’re comprised of 900 call-center employees with 400 in their new Florida facility.

Saveology in the Social Commerce Space

“We didn’t come from the daily deal industry… We’re selling home services.

We’re the biggest home service provider within the United States … That means that about 45,000 Americans call us every single month, about 200,000 buy from us every month and over 2.5 -3 million will set up their home services through us.”

What do you have planned for 2012?


“We’re looking at how do we monetize and leverage customer base?… what value can we bring out in to our current customer base and our new customer base.”

We try to think outside the box and be creative … What are the products? We’re looking at Savelology as the brand to become Saveology deals. A good place, a market place, a place that people can find everyday deals. Some may be a daily deal, but some be on the side (such as) goods.”

Thus far, Saveology’s plan has proved nothing short of pure brilliance. Their customer base is growing by close to a quarter of a million every single month. By focusing on the customer experience and providing the best possible deal, both merchants and customers are migrating towards Saveology as a win-win business  in which place their time and money. Best of all, Saveology wins as well with their unprecedented growth powered by virtually no marketing cost on their end.

“The most exciting part about our business when it comes to Saveology is that we have zero marketing cost! We leverage the customers that come in. We tell them about great offers …. We’re able to really get a good product out there at a great price.”

Any additional things that set you apart from some of these leading daily deal sites?

“Our core business is home services, selling business to the public … At Saveology deals, there are no marketing costs. There are no customer acquisition fees. We are able to work at lower margins … We don’t have the overhead other companies have.”

The Secret Formula?

“No marketing costs, levering the database, and give the customer a better price. In the long term you will win the game. “

Can you give me an example of some of your deals?

“When we look at the opportunities out there it’s not about just sell a product earn 50%. We can think outside the box. Because of our technology and mass of  people working at a technology front, we can build whatever we want. There are no rules at Saveology.

Case in Point: Saveology and Dell

“One thing we wanted to do was simple: Let’s create a coupon generator…

We launched it with Dell … ‘We can go out there and put a certificate in people’s hands for a 30% off coupon. It’s going to drive traffic to your web site and we’re going to charge the customers $2 for it’. You’d be surprised at how successful it was. 

It was simple for Dell to do. Dell looked at it and said, ‘We can do 30% off. We’re going to move a lot of products. We don’t have to worry about re–selling because they purchase on our site. They’re going to have the customer experience we want them to have.’

We were able at $2 to sell 30% coupons for Dell… It’s a lot easier to break down the doors and have fortune 500 companies look at the industry and say “Hey this makes sense for us!’”

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About Saveology

saveologySaveology is a leading Internet-based direct marketing and comparison shopping platform which helps consumers obtain the best deals on products and services including cable, satellite television, Internet, telecommunications, home security, financial, warranty, wireless, tech support and moving. Saveology Daily Deals is an innovative daily deal startup featuring national, local and regional deals in 43 markets. Saveology Daily Deals’ performance-based approach includes a larger revenue share with merchants than other daily deal companies, lead generation programs and coupon generators. has offices across the United States and is headquartered at a state-of-the-art technology campus in Margate, Florida.

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