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tippr, bose headset, counterfeit, daily deals, daily deal mediaDaily Deal Media has received a tip from one of our readers concerning the daily deal site, Tippr. The company says it will be offering a refund to customers who purchased a set of Bose headphones. We don’t know the details behind the refund but a check of a few forums on the internet finds some consumers suggesting that the headphones were counterfeit. Tippr’s Facebook page also has a few complaints about not receiving the headphones, but to Tippr’s credit, they are responding to these complaints.

The email that the company sent out to customers says the refund is due to extended shipping delays and product quality issues. Since Bose is noted for their quality control and selling only through authorized dealers, the “quality issues” again bring up the question of counterfeit goods, but at this time we can’t say for sure what those issues actually were.

The headset offer was fulfilled by a company called SwagShopCentral. And while Tippr may be completely above board with their offers, the same can’t be said about the little known SwagShopCentral. According to, the site which currently has a 52 percent Trust Score, is using a service to hide its identity… not necessarily an uncommon practice but also not something that would instill consumer confidence.

Here’s what Bose says, cautioning consumers about buying products from unauthorized dealers.

Be sure it’s Bose

The only way to be sure you’re buying a genuine Bose product is to buy directly from Bose or a Bose authorized dealer. Bose products purchased by consumers directly from Bose or an authorized dealer, whether online, by telephone, from a catalog or in a store are genuine and carry the Bose limited warranty.

Watch out for counterfeit products

There are growing numbers of counterfeit products in the marketplace. Bose has become aware of sales of counterfeit Bose® in-ear headphones and QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones by unauthorized sellers on popular auction and other e-commerce websites, and in flea markets. In some cases, sellers located in China claim to be selling genuine “OEM” headphones, but these products are fake. Typically, these products are sold at a fraction of the price that Bose and its authorized dealers are offering. The counterfeit products do not meet the high standards of performance found in genuine Bose products.

As far as we can tell, neither SwagShopCentral nor Tippr are authorized Bose dealers. At least one savvy consumer looking to buy the same deal on kgbdeals decided to check with Bose directly to see if the deal was legit. Here’s the response as posted on community board:

“Thank you for your inquiry.

Our records indicate that and are not authorized to sell our products. Any products purchased from that dealer would not be warranteed by Bose.

For a list of authorized dealers in your area, please reply to this message with your address or feel free to contact us at the telephone number listed below.

Thank you for contacting Bose Corporation.
Customer Support Team”

And finally, here’s the email from Tippr to customers explaining that they would be providing a full refund for the less-than-acceptable product. Does that sound like it is referring to a genuine Bose product?

Dear Customer:

You are receiving this email because you purchased the $49 Bose Headsets – thanks for your patronage!

Our goal is to ensure that the offers and merchants we promote are of the highest standards so that you, our customer, would always receive a quality piece of merchandise or service. Unfortunately, we demand a level of merchant and product quality and for a few reasons we feel these standards were not met with the Bose offer. Extended shipping delays and product quality issues have forced us to make the decision to provide you a full refund rather than have a less-than-acceptable product shipped to you.

With that said, we will begin refunding these transactions and it will likely take your bank 3-5 business days to process the transaction. You should see the credit in your account by the beginning of next week.

Please do not respond to this email. If you would like to contact our Customer Support team, please send an email to

Thanks again for allowing Tippr to provide you with quality offers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Jared Hart

Let us know what you think. Did you buy this deal from Tippr or a similar deal from another provider? Tell us about your experience.

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