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adorii, weddings, dailydealmedia.comEvery couple that decides to move forward from courtship to tying the knot faces the many expenses that come with a wedding. It includes bachelor parties, bridesmaid dresses, venues for the main events, catering, wedding favors, invites, music, and more. Many people now look for deals and try to save as much as possible most of the time. Adorii and its team believe that it should be possible for the happy couple to have a special wedding even as they save money by taking advantage of deals.

Adorii offers the newly engaged and the invitees discounts that range from 25 to 80 percent on dresses, getaways, photographers, caterers, and more. Adorii, which was earlier called Wed-coupon, was started by Matthew Matsudaira as he believes that people continue to get married even during tough economic times. He expects his site to be a niche that provides the to-be-married couple and their guests all the products and services they require at great discounts.

Adorii employs 14 dedicated people who continue to expand the range and nature of deals. Moreover, many high-end retailers and specialist boutiques too have been convinced by Adorii to offer their products on discounts.

Adorii is aware of the special focus on dates for the to-be-married couple. As such it offers a flexible calendar where couples can book services. With many brides turning to online stores for the purchase of such essential items as the bridal dress, Adorii expects to become a success.

Adorii depends a lot on its team of motivated and dedicated professionals to offer its clients the best possible deal. Matsudaira also feels that changing the name to Adorii was a smart move as it better reflects the service the company offers. Moreover, the word coupon has a negative impact on many retailers who are wary of the discounting practices that it encourages. Matsudaira feels that he has a lot to learn from Amazon’s Bezos who has managed to ensure great sales from an online marketplace.

Adorii does not plan to rest on its laurels. Though it has managed to enthuse both retailers and consumers with its products, it hopes to expand globally and offer its services across countries. As a further step, Adorii would like to enter the honeymoon business as well and help couples secure great travel deals for the trip.

Adorii is working hard to ensure that it offers a great deal on all the products and services that its niche customers will require for their big day.



Preetam Kaushik

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