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Turning the credit card into an informative rewarding machine

mobinable, reward cards, dailydealmedia.comMobinable is a tech newbie based in New York and has just teamed up with one of the premier global payment processing companies – First Data. Mobinable’s leading edge technology is able transform consumer credit cards into an on the fly coupon or rewards card. The company’s software program allows businesses to interact with customers on the fly through their mobile devices. Merchants use the Mobinable platform to create and then launch pages that are goal oriented or reward based (such as sweepstake, product feedback, consumer poll).

The marketing campaigns will appear on the user’s mobile device based on him or her clicking an ad in an app, from social media channels, scanning a QR code, clicking a URL in a SMS, or an email announcement. The ultimate goal by transforming the customer’s credit card into a coupon or reward card is to enhance convenience by eliminating the need to carry multiple reward cards, paper coupons, and explicit check-ins on social media networks to redeem their reward.

This is a win for merchants as well. The dual purpose credit/reward card establishes a loyalty program without the headaches and hassles of designing, manufacturing, and then distributing the all too common plastic reward cards. The affiliation also alleviates paper coupons, additional hardware and the staff to manage such programs.

Working for merchants and consumers

According to the press release, this latest offering from Mobinable is “based on First Data’s OfferWise Publisher Solution. This offering is targeted towards merchants, who can now pick a reward or loyalty campaign and configure it on the Mobinable platform. For each spend using the registered credit card, consumers get notified of the reward in real time and can share their experience on social media.

Team Mobinable will not only assist merchants in the setup, launching and interacting with customers; the company will also track the effectiveness of the campaigns. The software platform easily integrates the desired campaign with social media outlets; now that campaign will hit search engines and Ad networks. The state of the art analytics and CRM engine of the Mobinable platform constantly tracks and measures the campaign effectiveness. Merchants will know where and how many users are subscribing. This gives merchants the ability to better target each customer’s favored web based preference, directly targeting his or her email or their social media outlets.


Mobinable helps businesses and brands achieve a marketing goal by creating and launching interactive mobile campaigns. Businesses pick a goal (E.g. product feedback) and then customize the mobile web page templates for specific call-to-action from the consumer. The captured data from the consumer gets organized into an Analytics and CRM engine, allowing businesses to make informed decisions to optimize their marketing efforts.




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