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mobile payments app, atos worldline, dailydealmedia.comOne of the most robust mobile payment applications on the market to date, will be launched by mobile commerce company Atos Worldline.

The new application offers enhanced security for mobile transactions and brings a wide range of features to consumers.

The platform is compliant with specifications coming from Visa and MasterCard and is among the first to make use of cloud-based services that have been developed by Atos Worldline.

NFC technology facilitates transactions made from the app at point-of-sale. The financial information used in these transactions however is stored in the cloud network rather than on the mobile device itself.

The app can be used worldwide and Atos notes that a growing number of companies are beginning to accept mobile transactions around the globe; making a heavy investment in the m-commerce industry a wise choice.

Many startups are investing in this technology Atos faces a market flooded with similar mobile wallet applications including Internet giant Google, whose wallet application precedes many of the apps on the market.

Atos intends to differentiate itself from competitors by using a straightforward approach to mobile commerce and integrating a wide range of innovative features within the application itself.

Worldwide consumer acceptance for m-commerce is growing.  Despite the fact that the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices is still low, many tech-savvy consumers have embraced the new trend, ditching their cash and cards in favor of using their smartphones.

Most major financial and banking institutions have also shown support for mobile payments and have begun investing in bolstering the infrastructure needed to support the technology.

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