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paydragon, mobile app, dailydealmedia.comMobile commerce app developer PayDragon that provides a takeout app that enables users to avoid queues at participating eateries has launched a new buy app that makes shopping extremely simple and instantaneous.

The new app that is available for iPhones as well as Android based phones enables shoppers to simply scan the barcode of non-perishable food items they want and click `buy’. PayDragon staff will ensure that it is shipped to you in two days or less.paydragon, mobile app,

The simplicity and speed of the entire process is expected to make it a hit with consumers. Those desiring two of the same product just have to click twice. This system does away with shopping carts, payment verification, and product bundling.

PayDragon has also made the app interesting to use with animation and users are rewarded for shopping with the app, making it more like a game. Frequent users get additional rewards as well.

PayDragon, built by Paperlinks, has also recently managed to obtain $1.35 million in seed funds from SV Angel, Yuri Milner, Rustic Canyon Partners, and Mark Schwartz.

PayDragon CEO, Hamilton Chan, describes the new app as the “perfect dude’s app.”

PayDragon has certainly come up with an app that businesses will love. With consumers increasingly preferring to shop via mobile devices, this app should increase turnover.

However, consumers who decide to use this app will need to be wary of its very simplicity. The instant gratification made possible by the app also reduces any scope for second thoughts. Before you can rethink your decision at the shopping cart stage, you have already committed to making the purchase.

So far the backend is very simply handled with PayDragon acquiring the products from merchants and packing and shipping it. As volumes build up, PayDragon might have to rethink this strategy.


Preetam Kaushik

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