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m-commerce, mobile commerce, dailydealmedia.comDifferentiating between mobile commerce sites has become increasingly difficult for consumers, and tech experts say many customers are beginning to wonder, why?

The cookie cutter effect some say is largely the result of the fact that the technology is just emerging- two years or so now, not a great deal of time for marketers to develop a highly sophisticated model that differs significantly from other successful sites.

Mobile commerce which is sometimes referred to as the mobile web, has been approached with caution by many companies. Thus a more standard approach that has been known to work is usually adopted while a company focuses on learning how to build a unique and positive customer experience.

The development of menu operations that were easy to navigate, tools to simplify browsing and pages with too many images, were the first lessons most m-commerce providers learned.

While these discoveries have enhanced customer experience, it has had an unintended side-effect-the majority of mobile sites now look practically the same.

At present, almost all mobile websites offer the same features, built around best practices in search functionalities along with significant integration of social media, a clear call to action for customers and the ability for those site visitors to shop within various categories.

Additionally, almost every site has their retail logo at the top, and there is usually a carousel or an image below it that provides basic information about the latest mobile commerce sale or promotion.

As developers and retailers become more comfortable with the platform, many believe that differentiation will occur, resulting in more unique product offerings catering to the needs of a particular customer base

Source: Mobile Commerce Press


Dervedia Thomas

Dervedia Thomas is a freelance reporter and writer. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, her interest in journalism began while she was a reporter for the student newspaper at South Carolina State University, where she did her undergraduate degree in marketing. She went on to earn an MS degree in Journalism from Columbia University as a Pulitzer Moore Fellow and focused on consumer reporting, social media, immigration and digital media. You can follow Dervedia on her personal blog at or on twitter @derv05
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