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thrive world wide, twwi, dailydealmedia.comThrive World Wide Incorporated (ticker; TWWI) was put on a temporary trading hold on Tuesday, September 18th along with 15 other companies for 10 days, which will “self-terminate” on September 28, 2012. The company has gone through some radical changes from re-formatting the company to re-formatting leadership.

It’s been a tremendous rollercoaster not only for the company, but for shareholders as well. Bruce Dugan, the Chief Executive Officer of Thrive World Wide Incorporated, offers his thoughts on going forward.

A word from Bruce Dugan – CEO

We are — and have been — in communication with the SEC and working diligently to address any questions.  We will stay on top of the situation and respond expeditiously to inform you as any material information becomes available.

Since I came on board in April, I have had to sort through everything that has come before; its been a daunting task.  At the same time I have been implementing small incremental moves towards making the Company more agile, more cost-effective, more transparent, and more responsive.  But it all takes time to do it correctly, and I believe we are.

To that end, I am using a set of online tools to build a new Company-wide enterprise system that the Company will use to allow management to more effectively communicate with each other and you, the shareholders.  Moreover, and equally important, in the wake of our pending acquisitions, the system is scalable for growth, which is a prime focus of mine: to be able to organize, manage and better seize growth opportunities as they arise, rather than scrambling afterwards.

I am aware that IR has not yet been as responsive as we’d like, but this too is a result of the communication system not yet being fully functional.  it will be soon, so please be patient.


My goal in establishing various social media pages for Thrive World Wide was so that shareholders — and other interested parties – can follow Company news and updates, as well as blog updates, in whatever platform they most use so that it is convenient for you to stay involved and be informed.”   

The numbers

TWWI has been trading as a sub-penny (below 1 cent per share) issue for quite some time. As with many ‘penny issues’, shares can run up astronomically. TWWI had done that on numerous occasions. On Friday, September 7th, TWWI close at $.0005 per share. Yes, you read that number right, meaning that an investment of $500.00 would buy 1 million shares of stock. On September 10th the shares began to run. In the first two hours of trading the stock tagged $.0011. Granted that is still ridiculously low, it represented a 120% increase from Friday’s close. Since ‘penny issues’ are typically news driven, there should have been something in the press. Often a ‘stock promoter’ will latch onto a company like this and ‘pump then dump’ the shares.

In this case, it looks as though speculators were into the stock for the double (100% return) and may have anticipated a positive announcement from management. In my opinion, the halting of TWWI was NOT a positive announcement. It’s impossible to say how this will play out. I have seen every outcome imaginable given the SEC involvement. Some companies have never come back, some have remained stagnant, others have announced reverse or ‘forward splits’ and others have even managed to thrive. The last print I show for TWWI – 42000 shares traded at $.001

The bottom line is that investing in stocks is risky and investing in ‘penny issues’ takes that risk to another level. Feel free to read some of my other posts about Thrive World Wide at


Don Young

Don Young, Jr. is a beat writer for Daily Deal Media, the number one resource for the Daily Deal Industry. Don has spent over a decade as a stock broker / advisor focusing on fundamental and technical analysis. Prior to that he was the sole proprietor of The Tile Guy , based in Portland,Or. completing multitudes of both residential and commercial projects in the Pacific Northwest. Don enjoys researching new businesses , market forecasting, traveling, cooking, volleyball , golf and relaxing with family and friends.
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