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mobile technology, small businesses, dailydealmedia.comMobile is the future and the sooner a business is able to use it efficiently and maximize its potential, the soon it will be in business in the long run. With an estimated 50 percent of small businesses shutting down after their first five years every tool available at their disposal has to be used if they want to survive.

The biggest obstacle small businesses face when it comes to technology is skill level. According to a survey conducted by Constant Contact, Inc. the vast majority or 90 percent of event planners say they would like to learn the application of mobile technology for such occasions. While small business understand the value of mobile technology for even promotions, they also know there is a large gap between the level of interest and available skill.

Smartphone adoption is growing at a very fast rate, with more than 46 percent of Americans reportedly owing the devices. It is estimated full Smartphone adoption will take place within the next year as lower prices and better data plans are introduced. As small business owners this is a resource that can be used to let their presence be known whenever there is an event.

The survey revealed:

  • 81 percent plan to increase mobile technology for events in the coming year
  • 23 percent promote events using hashtags –  #s
  • Only 15 percent use a Smartphone for event planning

The respondents were asked to elaborate on their use of mobile devices for events and of the 15 percent that do, they were not exploiting the full potential of what the technology offers.

  • 5 percent provided event schedules with a mobile app
  • 6 percent survey event attendees
  • 6 percent offer mobile check-in app
  • 16 percent sent notifications for “save the date”
  • 24 percent engage attendees using a mobile device about the event
  • 26 percent offered mobile payment collection and registration

The survey also revealed small businesses and not-for-profits are eager to adopt this technology, but the lack of resources is the biggest hindrance. The goal is to help these businesses adapt early with this technology so they will be able to use not only current technology, but future technologies that depend on mobile devices.

The number of small businesses that use mobile devices for events is low, but it is growing and the results they achieve are encouraging. The survey by Constant Contact was conducted in September 2012 from 299 participants in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and nonprofits industries. The company specializes in engagement marketing and it has more than half a million associations, not-for-profits and  small businesses around the world that use their marketing tools. It uses email marketing, event marketing, digital storefronts, local deals, online surveys and social media marketing to generate more customers, repeat business and referrals.

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