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$100 to message Mark Zuckerburg’s inbox? Is Facebook out of their mind?

Facebook has followed through with its announcement it made last December pertaining to message fees. Currently, the social network is allowing users to contact people whom they have no direct connection with, in return for a $1 fee.

Per various reports yesterday, Facebook was allowing users to message Zuckerburg, who has over 16 million followers, among other users high up on Facebook, such as COO Sheryl Sandburg , CFO David Ebersman, and several other Facebook members, such as Digg founder Kevin Rose, for $100.Facebook 2

Normally, when a user messages another whom they are not connected with the message goes into the “Other” mailbox, which few Facebookers rarely check or even know it exists. This is a precautionary step to protect social network users against spam or viruses.  But with Facebook’s current idea, messages can be delivered directly into the users inbox (rather than the “other” folder) for a flat fee.

“We are testing some extreme price points to see what works to filter spam,” a Facebook representative told CNNMoneyin a recent report.

 Facebook explained that it is in the midst of testing out several new revenue streams. Historically, the social network has received most of its revenue from advertisements but now it’s trying to generate money through its users, which tally up to be over one billion.

 Source: CNN

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