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Chirpify’s 1.3M in VC Funding Solidifies New Social Commerce Model” T-Commerce” - Twitter + Social Commerce 

Twiter-Commerce  t-commerce

First came electronic commerce known as “E-commerce”, followed by Social electronic commerce, “Social Commerce”. Next social commerce became categorized down to the platform with socialized selling with Facebook, or “F-Commerce”. Now the circle broadens with the introduction of T-Commerce – socialized selling on Twitter.

The Start of “T-Commerce” Funding: Chirpify’s VC Funding 

Leading social commerce provider, Chirpify, has attached the attention of some noteworthy investors for their simplified transaction platform. Chirpify has been incorporated into social commerce platforms of national brands, including Nestle and Hewlett-Packard, proving the service model worthy investments from Voyager Capital, Andy Liu, CEO of BuddyTV, Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite and Rudy Gadre, formerly VP of Business Operations at Evri and most recently General Counsel at Facebook.

Chirpify’s VC funding totals 1.3M, beginning recently in December 2011.


Seed, 12/11 1 
Upstart Labs

Series A, 4/12 2
Voyager Capital
Geoff Entress
Andy Liu
Rudy Gadre
Ryan Holmes


“Chirpify officially launched in February of this year and so far, the feedback and buzz we’ve received has been overwhelming … And the many companies that have begun to experiment with or use Chirpify on a regular basis hasn’t hurt either!”- Chris Teso, CEO, Chirpify 

“To have some of these big names throwing down money and have Voyager Capital behind us now, it really gives me a sense that I’m doing the right thing … It’s validated what I’m trying to do. We want critical mass. We want that brand identity, where people think social payments, social commerce, they think Chirpify. And we’re well on our way,” -Chris Teso, CEO, Chirpify 

How Chirpify Works : The T-Commerce Model  

Chirpify resolves the common, but very problematic, issue of connecting of social media-driven consumers and with a quick and efficient purchasing avenue. Perhaps adding to the ease of impulse buying, Chirpify allows consumers to essentially purchase via a single tweet. Post-setup, Twitter-engaging consumers simply reply to a tweeted offer by participating merchants with the word “buy” and the transaction is complete. Adding to the ease, Chirpify is free for consumers, works directly a PayPal account and even delivers automated receipts following a twitter purchase.

chirpify_social commerce t-commerce

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