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urban delight

Urban Dealight, founded in July 2010, may be finding the daily deal highway a tough road to travel. A reliable source informed us that Urban Dealight met on Monday 10/17/11 and decided to pull out of three major cities – Seattle, St. Louis and Atlanta.

I spent a good portion of Tuesday tracking down folks within the company hoping to:

1)    Verify the information

2)     Learn more about their core business

3)    Find out if there were more closures in the works and the affects that those closures may or may not have.

I did manage to talk with a marketing consultant. When I inquired about the closures of the three market places the response was “possibly, but let me have you speak with Katie at corporate.” My attempts to contact Katie and Human Resources were futile. All calls were transferred to voicemail. I also emailed Urban Delight in an attempt to give them the last word on this issue, as of this writing, there have been no replies.

Looking at their core business and cities, I have to wonder whether or not they will proceed with opening the other markets listed on their site as “coming soon.” According to Urban’s website, there are 10 markets live. Three of which are mentioned in this article for closure. Numerically, that’s 30% of the arena they deal in will be gone.

Going forward, Urban Dealight shows 30 additional market places “coming soon.” The question that begs to be asked is: Will they really be “coming soon” or has the business model and plan been adversely affected or changed. The company continues to promote deals and offer $10 referral fees to gather new consumers.

Their career section features four positions opened at corporate and interestingly enough an outside sales position open in St. Louis. The terms and conditions for this position are excellent. The compensation package certainly seems more than fair and enhanced beyond most entry level sales positions.

To Urban Dealight: feel free to contact us (Daily Deal Media) at any time with your side of the story. In the meantime, best of luck with your business as you travel the daily deal highway.

About Urban Dealight:

Founded in July 2010, Urban Dealight was kick started by a band of deal-seekers excited about new ways to explore urban life through food, adventure, and learning. The company is based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our goal as a business is to synchronize the shopping and advertising experience by creating a middle ground that is mutually beneficial to consumers and merchants.

We aim to connect merchants looking to attract new customers with shoppers itching to discover their city without burning a hole in anyone’s pocket. Our Urban Dealight team brings to the table years of experience in marketing, research, technology, finance, media, economics, entrepreneurship and most importantly; urban exploration.

Urban Dealight is a simple way to get jaw-dropping deals in your city. Each day Urban Dealight features a 24-hour deal for at least 50% off the retail price. You may find Urban Deals on our website, through our iPhone application, or in your daily Urban Dealight email. Ranging from the best of dining, entertainment, and relaxation in your city, Urban Deals are too tempting to pass up.


First off, I’d like to thank Ryan Marlen (Chief Operating Officer) of Urban Dealight for replying to my inquiries. I realize that corporate leaders are deeply involved running their organizations and time is critical. That being said, my articles aren’t about spreading rumors. There are between 500 and 600 daily deal businesses running daily. The amount of information and news on these companies has increased exponentially in the past 12 months alone.

Infiltrating the news and real information are rumors that may or may not be substantiated – only time dictates that. As a journalist, I do my best to get a live person to substantiate or deny the information our sources provide us. This does not just include emails, texts, or phone calls. I have and will continue to meet face to face to get answers that I and our readers are curious about.

In my article regarding the Urban Dealight closing of three major market places, one item I dug up did not coincide with closing St. Louis. Urban had a job posting for an outside rep for that market. It made no sense to me to close a market, yet hire a sales rep. Here is the response I received today from Urban Dealight:

“My apologies on the delayed response.  As a private company, it is not our policy to comment on rumors.  However, you will continue to see deals run in all of our markets.  Thank you for your service to the industry. “


Ryan Marlen

Chief Operating Officer

Sounds to me like it’s business as usual for Urban Dealight – Stay tuned with us at Daily Deal Media as this and other stories play out.


Don Young

Don Young, Jr. is a beat writer for Daily Deal Media, the number one resource for the Daily Deal Industry. Don has spent over a decade as a stock broker / advisor focusing on fundamental and technical analysis. Prior to that he was the sole proprietor of The Tile Guy , based in Portland,Or. completing multitudes of both residential and commercial projects in the Pacific Northwest. Don enjoys researching new businesses , market forecasting, traveling, cooking, volleyball , golf and relaxing with family and friends.
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