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BREAKING: Digital Doorstep Purposely Scams Customers, Damages Publisher Reputations – Consecutive Tips Submitted from Top Daily Deal Companies

Digital Doorstep RipoffDigital Doorstep, bulk wholesaler of digital deal vouchers to top daily deal companies, is coming under fire across the web for their unsubstantiatable voucher systems apparently based on a business model of breakage. Late this week, Daily Deal Media received sequential tips from multiple sources at the industries most prominent daily deal companies, specifying nonstop backlash from customer complaints along with major brand reputation disturbances as a result of working with Digital Doorstep.

One sizable publisher, who is currently refunding customers to the tone of $5000 per day, expressed extreme dismay with Digital Doorstep citing the company knowingly makes it extremely difficult for the customers to get their pre-purchased gift cards, by doing virtually everything they can to increase breakage.

The same day, another source told Daily Deal Media:

Just not professional, lots of technical issues, young kids with little or no experience as the contact people, hard to get ahold of, internal issues on their end too.  People also get upset that they can’t used their tickets as advertised when the code swaps don’t work.”

Shortly after, an additional major league publisher, requesting again to remain anonymous as notability one of Digital Doorstep’s larger clients, emailed Daily Deal Media further dissatisfaction with the company:

“…Let’s just say that their model is based on breakage and when the redemption is to high they crash their site so customers cannot redeem…”

Digital Doorstep’s model is setup principally in a way that requires publisher’s customers use the Digital Doorstep’s website in order to retrieve purchased deal vouchers. Essentially, the model works as so:Digital_Doorsteps_Business_model

Sounds straightforward? Yes. However when Step 5 fails to work, producing “Invalid Code” errors, the entire model becomes kaput.

Customer complaint forums, such as Complaints Board, are overloaded with customer complaints, screenshots and email posts, citing issues with the site. Most complaints general take the same tone: customer cannot, do not or have not received their purchase. The most recent panel member posting this weekend, uploaded a screenshot of Digital Doorstep’s voucher redemption site, preceded by the strong frustration at the wholesale site


The abundance of customer issues has caused horrific problems for trusted, high profile deal sites.  Plum District, explicitly, is addressing customer concerns head on emailing customers an apology, along with details of an upcoming refund. Such emails started rotating around the web on personal and complaint forums:

Dear Customer,

Due to unexpected, and possibly permanent, delays in the shipment and delivery schedule of your gift cards, we have decided to refund your purchase in the full amount. If you used Plum Dollars to purchase this deal, those will be credited back to your account as well. This will be reflected in your account within the next 7 business days. We sincerely apologize for the frustration this may cause. If you have any further issues or concerns, please email

Our goal as a company is to always “make Mom’s day,” and we know this deal fell short of that goal. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We are committed to delighting our customers to Make Moms Day – every day.


Megan Gardner


Plum District

Another Plum District email recently surfaced online, directing customers to a Google Docs survey, collecting complaints and details regarding specific customer problems following an enormous response to their initial January 6th, Facebook apology post:


Dear Plum District Customer,

As many of you know, Digital Doorstep, our merchant for our recent Starbucks/Fandango offer, had technical complications with providing e-gift card codes for Plum District customers. I want to start by apologizing for any inconvenience or disappointment this has caused you. Plum District’s goal as a company, and mine as CEO, is to always “make Mom’s day.” Clearly this deal has fallen short for us and our customers, and for that I am sincerely sorry.

As a result, we have worked tirelessly with the Digital Doorstep team to resolve the problem and we are relieved to report that there is a resolution. As of this evening, Digital Doorstep has assured us that all codes that have not yet been redeemed should be working now. This includes the codes that showed an “invalid code” error message or showed “already redeemed” when they were not. We have tested codes to verify this is in fact true. You should receive your e-gift cards as promised. We ask that if you are still experiencing an issue with your code, please fill out the online form below so we can report any outstanding code issues to Digital Doorstep and provide you with a quick resolution:

We realize this is an inconvenience for our customers and for that we sincerely apologize. We have learned through this experience that we need to better qualify our merchant partners to ensure their ability to fully deliver a customer experience that meets our standards. At Plum District, we truly strive to delight each and every one of our customers. We take it personally when we do not meet that standard. It is our commitment to you that we will continue to strive to bring you great offers every day.

Megan Gardner
CEO, Plum District

Read the full complaint here.

Kara Kamenec

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