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Customers say Trubates took their money and disappeared

trubatesIn March Daily Deal Media reported the pending closure of Trubates, the San Jose deals site. At the time the company said that users would be able to print their vouchers out until March 31.

Now many Trubate customers are saying they never got the email that Trubates sent and that they were unable to print out the vouchers that they had already paid for before the site closed, leaving no contact info. Others that were at least able to get their vouchers before the site disappeared say merchants won’t honor the vouchers because they were never paid by Trubates.

Simply by setting a deadline for printing out vouchers before closing does not free Trubates or the owners of the company from legal obligation. If you didn’t get your voucher or your deal, they still owe you money.

The Better Business Bureau currently has one alert on Trubates.

Our files show mail was returned by post office and disconnected phone numbers. Our BBB cannot trace the addresses of this company or its principals. General information is available upon request which may assist you.

Those principals include:

Nat Kausik – Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Urushima – Vice President of Finance

Anoop Bhattacharjya – Chief Technology Officer

Brian Birkett – Vice President of Business Development

Christopher Chan – Vice President of Engineering

The one-time address for the company is 4340 Stevens Creek Blvd #191, San Jose, CA 95129-1163

Of course it’s obvious that the company is now closed but since the BBB says they may have general information that may assist you, it might be worth the effort to contact them.

You can still find each of the above names on Linkedin with the option to send them a message through the site. The fact that they all have impressive profiles makes it all the more reprehensible that they would think that closing a business somehow frees them of any further obligation to their merchant clients or customers.  

On a lighter note (if there is one!) and showing that if you wait long enough, payback often does come around, just about a year ago a Trubates customer attempted to purchase a Gucci handbag. Her experience was less than satisfactory. Here’s the comment she left on the PurseForum.

After watching me wake up in the middle of the night to get the deal, this is what my boyfriend sent to them.

trubates marketed a gucci item as being available to ‘loyal customers’, without giving any criteria as to what a loyal customer is..

this is a real ethical problem, from the standpoint of your would be customers, a group, by the way, that i will never be in.

in addition to that trubates offered this same item at 12:10am and it was not available until 12:16 or so, and when it was ‘available’, it was in fact not…

so for the hundreds of people who would have been your customers these are the highlights from the experience they must have enjoyed:

staying up late for no reason

refreshing endlessly for no reason

entering credit card information into your website for no reason

receiving messages that their credit cards were ‘declined’ for no reason.

and most importantly, every single disappointed would be customer felt entirely lied to, cheated, and let down by the ridiculous company known (all likely briefly) as trubates.

i am completely irate that i actually devoted time from my ticking clock in order to fiddle around with your laughable, pathetic, poorly put together website.

good luck at the unemployment office, which is where you as a worker will surely end up, after hitching your wagon to trubates.

also a message to whomever is ‘running things there': in japan and china, executives that fail their customers and employees commit suicide. i suggest you follow their honorable lead.

most emphatically,

your would be customer


Krissa Ashton

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