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daiy deals, daiy deal promotion, dailydealmedia.comSudo™ Inc. today launched its one-of-a-kind, free mobile app that consolidates online discounts and rewards consumers for purchasing deals, while keeping their identities anonymous. Big brand “daily deal” and other coupon services make billions of dollars every year by acting as the conduit between consumers and businesses and then selling valuable and often sensitive user information. Sudo the app is in direct response to this drawback, which finds both consumers and merchants unsatisfied in the discount space.

Keeping Your Information Private

The recent Digital Deal Seeker Index* conducted on behalf of Sudo indicates that 84 percent of digital shoppers in the US would be extremely worried or somewhat worried if deal sites collected their personal information. According to Cornell University School of Law, the government, businesses and even financial institutions all commit the act. A staggering 64 percent of index respondents were unaware that their personal information was collected and used by their trusted deal and coupon sites.

Sudo, available on both iOS and Android-powered phones, lets users control what pieces of their personal information are shared with merchants and businesses, in exchange for access to the most locally relevant and desired deals. In turn, users rid their inboxes of poorly targeted ads, and their personal identities always remains anonymous with unique Sudo accounts.

“People today live on the go, and deals should be instantaneous and customized to meet their wants and needs, not a source of frustration or a way to be taken advantage of,” said Co-founder, Mark Lucas. “Our app provides thousands of aggravated discount seekers with a solution that offers security, a way to reduce inbox clutter and financial benefit.”

 Eliminating Daily Deal Fatigue

In addition to privacy concerns, the majority of online shoppers indicate frustration with e-mail deal and discount sources. Two-thirds of consumers surveyed said too frequent e-mail deals annoy them; one in five people said emails drive them crazy and flood their inboxes. Sudo is designed to solve this problem by aggregating deals and sharing only the most relevant deals – when users want them.

 When using the Sudo app, consumers enter their interests, purchasing intents, and geographic locations, and receive only deals and discounts that are the most applicable – at specified times and from one source. Nearly half of digital shoppers (47 percent) subscribe to one or two deal, discount or coupon sites, and another third (31 percent) subscribe to three or more. By consolidating deals and discounts in a hyper-targeted way, Sudo prevents the need for numerous daily email subscriptions.

 Sudo Co-founder Devin Holdraker states, “The experience of obtaining and enjoying deals is significantly improved with Sudo. Now, if you’re at work and want to grab a quick lunch, all you have to do is tell the app where you are and what you want. In turn, Sudo will offer you meal deals and discounts close by. This concept takes away the pain and process of other services.”

 Cash for Consumers – and Merchants

In typical daily deal models, the company facilitating the merchant deal captures a majority of the profit. Most online shoppers surveyed (79 percent) only think they are getting a good deal through daily deal and discount sites “sometimes.” In Sudo’s model, the broken supply chain is eliminated and the profit is shared back with users – directly to their bank accounts. Every transaction made with Sudo rewards users with up to 6% back, all for deals or discounts they are using anyway.

 Sudo is a win-win for both consumers and merchants. While user information remains private, retailers can capitalize on and target potential customers seeking out deals in their area. Sudo allows merchants to re-market to customers drawn in through their service by offering more customized and relevant deals. Businesses also keep more revenue with Sudo than with normal discount providers.

 Additional Survey Findings

  • ·               Despite the fact that financial institutions offer users a privacy policy stating otherwise, 65 percent of digital shoppers do not think banks advertise specifically to them
  • ·               Cash is king – 67 percent of surveyed Americans would knowingly share their personal information to save a few dollars on a purchase
  • ·               ‘Liking’ or ‘following’ companies is about more than interest; 63 percent of respondents track companies on social media channels for the sole purpose of obtaining discounts on their goods or service\

Survey Methodology

* The referenced Digital Deal Seeker Index survey was conducted online by Survey Monkey March 14–19, 2013. It presents findings from a representative sample of 575 women and men ages 18–55 who own a Smartphone, shop online and use coupons or deals for purchases.

About Sudo

Based in Rochester, Sudo™ Inc. is focused on fixing the broken supply chain typically associated with online discount and deal offerings for consumers and merchants. Founded in 2012 by a group of talented engineers and marketers, Sudo strives to be at the forefront of open, honest privacy information, while offering financial incentives to its users, through innovative technology. More information about Sudo is available at Sudo is available now for both iOS and Android-powered phones.


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