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Technological Innovation

Editor’s note: The following is a Sponsored post by Mindworks, a London Based technology company focused on creating innovative websites and creative technology.

In March 1969 the aviation world stopped to wonder at the inaugural flight of the first supersonic passenger airline. Concorde was born. A full seven years later passenger flights at twice the speed of sound, were possible for those could afford it!  At the time this extensive period of testing was considered both necessary and the norm. Since then, not only has technology moved on significantly but our ability to be patient and need for “speed to market” has changed beyond all comprehension.   

By comparison, some 44 years later, excitement mounts about the potential launch of a new iWatch. Speed and timing of bringing such a product to market are now crucial to the success and sustainability of any tech product. The proposed iWatch is no different. 

Apple has already patented key components  of  a “wrist device” capable of including a touch sensitive display and an  electronic wireless transmitter. In other words, an iPad on your wrist! 

All be it not a supersonic jet, however as commercially important to Apple as Concorde was to British  Airways.  The recent changes forced upon Apple since the loss of Steve Jobs, have caused a great deal of concern regarding the direction and future innovative ability of the company. Shareholders are nervous, and the reliance of trying to recover confidence by launching the iWatch is highly speculative and could prove to be the turning point in the companies long term sustainability of future growth. 

Many consider that the iWatch  is already late to market. Key competitors such as Casio Smart watch and innovative Peeble are already capturing large segments of this infant market. Speed is therefore crucial, with Apple’s significant financial clout and loyal and waiting customer base they should be able to time the launch to provide maximum exposure to both their product and brand. Such a successful launch, whether it be in six weeks or six months time, should enable them to start to recover market share and once again prove that as a company there is a future after Jobs.  

Back in the 1970’s, speed to market was less important. The public understood that the British Airways value was in service and reputation;  if they had to wait a few extra years to hear the supersonic boom, so be it. Innovation and technological advancement was seen as something to be proud of, a Victorian approach of awe and achievement. Profit was a consideration, however, not a prime motivator.  

The speed of technological innovation and implementation has undoubtedly changed significant over recent decades. Whilst we wait and see when we may be able to purchase the latest of Apple’s high tech accessories, rumors and licensed leaks will soon be telling us of the next “big thing”. Speed is great and something to be proud of as the enduring memory of Concorde testifies, however in  today’s modern and high paced global world, corporate profitability rules.  


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