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Gift Buying E-CommerceDigital shopping is in full swing this holiday season and start-ups are taking notice and advantage of this trend. Three innovative gift buying start-ups to take note of this season have arrived just in time for online shoppers. Presenting GiftSimple, and BarkBox:



GiftSimple stands by its name in providing an easy way for customers to get the gifts they really want through social media. The company, launched last week, is essentially a social gift registry, suitable for any occasion. Users create their own want list of gift ideas they would like and post it to Facebook for friends to see. The genius part of the model, is it allows friends to pay partial amounts towards a gift until the full amount is reached. In this way, users can get those expensive gifts they truly want, but my not feel comfortable asking for due to a high price. If a gift is not paid for in full, the recipient may “cash out” and collect the money that was raised – A win-win for everyone. Giftsimple collects a standard 3% fee on the total amount raised towards each gift.


“Many people find it difficult to save up for a large-ticket item, and receiving contributions toward that purchase would really help; but organizing a group gift offline can be hassle. At the same time, we all get presents we don’t want.”-  Jessica Lachs, founder, GiftSimple

You can find the GiftSimple Facebook app directly on Facebook works with major deal sites such as Groupon and GiltCity to make deal vouchers that are specially customized in the form of gift certificates. Uniquely, the company is inadvertently, taking the social stigma out of giving deal vouchers as gifts – An elephant in the room topic that has been circling the e-commerce and daily deal industry for months. The aim of is to make discounted vouchers as desirable and acceptable as any other regular gift certificate given as a gift. Users may choose from six  different voucher design which they prefer to suit the gift giving occasion and are only constricted to a small mention of the deal company the voucher came from. Currently, the site works with Tippr, Groupon, Deal-find and GifltCity, with more to come in future months. 


BarkBox, is a full service monthly subscription service like many others, except it is strictly for, you guessed it, Dogs. Weather the gift will be given to the owner or actual pet, this subscription service is the one-stop-shop for dog presents. Users may choose from various monthly services such as bones, shampoos, and other treats for a small monthly fee of $25 per month. The genius of the company, like many others recently, is the fact it takes a niche within the deal industry and focuses on it. If you have a friend that puts a stocking up for their canine companion, BarkBox is a must for your online holiday shopping destinations this season.


Source: Mashable

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