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black biz hookup

Black Biz Hookup announced their launch today as the world’s first group buying website whose merchant offerings of “daily deals” are black owned and operated businesses. Unlike other group buying sites that may offer some great deals on products and services, you can’t really be sure if you purchase is strengthening the community. Black Biz Hookup focuses on providing discounted offers that highlight and support black owned and operated businesses. By following the group buying model that has been successfully used by other daily deals sites, Black Biz Hookup offers its users one deal a day on some of the best goods and services available.

Brian Roberson, founder of Black Biz Hookup, “This website was created to give the same opportunities to black owned and operated businesses that larger group buying sites have for mainstream companies. The Black Biz Hookup’s core customer is anyone who wants to support black businesses while getting a great deal in their city. At the end of the day, this website will help strengthen the black community and show the true value of the African American buying power, which is expected to top $1.1 trillion by 2012.”

Mr. Roberson adds, “We have seen too many small black owned businesses close their doors over the past few years. Our aim is to promote the small business owner that provides excellent products and services and at the same time acting as a springboard for potential entrepreneurs that are on the fence about starting their own businesses giving them an instant audience and potential customer base”.

Black Biz Hookup’s initial launch includes Atlanta, Memphis, Indianapolis and San Diego with additional cities being added in the coming weeks.

Source: BlackNews.com

Krissa Ashton

  • Cozy1

    I don't get it. Groupon, Living Social and all the others are presumably giving business owners of EVERY race a chance. Why would something like this be needed, as it only reinforces the gap taht we are trying to tighten. As far as the comment about too many small black owned businesses havign closed, um… that is true with ALL races as businesses in general are struggling to stay open.

  • Robster

    Props for getting this started but it's hard enough trying to get 5 good business a week lined up, let alone finding 5 minority owned businesses. More power to them (especially if they can become profitable) but it won't be a walk in the park…

  • Bobby Seal

    Have you ever heard of jdeal? It is the Jewish Groupon – http://www.jdeal.com/

    If Jewish Owned Businesses are doing it then why not Black Owned Businesses?

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