From the beginning, Daily Deal Media has gathered data and provided news about the industry. We have watched, witnessed, classified, and reported on an industry that has grown faster than any other in the history of capitalism.

Along the way, we saw trust and confidence become an issue as new daily deal sites popped up around the planet like mushrooms. There are now thousands of daily deal websites around the world, most with less than one year's operating history. Which ones are safe with your money?

The DDMVerified seal tells consumers which daily deal sites are safe, have a stable track history and deliver exemplary customer service.

With the overabundance of Daily Deal websites that have been launched and with many more launching daily, consumers are confused and frustrated and have a difficult time telling one site from another.

There are now thousands of daily deal sites around the world. Our database has over 3,000 websites that are online and yet hundreds of these sites are not yet operational and worse yet, hundreds more that may be operational but come with risk.

Daily Deal Media is the only company that provides independent, comprehensive ratings on Daily Deal websites.

DDMVerified takes it one step further. Our comprehensive evaluation process will focus on the customer experience of your daily deal website and combine that with our internal data to determine if your company qualifies for the DDMVerified endorsement seal.

Benefits to Partnering with DDM and getting Verified

Daily Deal Media has established itself as the leading authority in the highly competitive daily deal space and the DDMVerified seal is the only daily deal related Trustmark that holds its members to a higher standard and ensures consumer confidence in your website.


  • Upon being DDMVerified, your company will be issued a seal to freely display on your website and other social networking sites
  • Upon verification, Daily Deal Media will make an announcement for each new seal issued, which will include a small profile about your company.
  • Visitors that click on the seal will be taken to your new company profile in our directory, which will display the seal and state that your website is in good standing
  • If complaints are submitted about your company, our system will ensure that you have the proper time to resolve any outstanding issues with un-satisfied clients.

Where is the DDMVerified Seal Displayed?

We encourage our verified partners to display the seal on their website, clearly visible to visitors making buying decisions. Some popular places include:

  • On the home page header or footer
  • Customer Service and Contact Pages
  • Checkout & Payment Pages

DDMVerified in Action - Site Footer Examples

  • Click on either of the websites below and check their site footers to see how DDM Verified would be displayed on your website.

DDM Reports
The 2014 Edition of the DDM Daily Deal Publisher Directory is the most comprehensive contact list for daily deal sites, flash retailers, aggregators and individuals operating in the daily deal industry. Each record includes the following: - Company Name - Website - Contact Name - Contact Title - Email - Phone - Address (not all records contain a full mailing address)
The 2013 Media List is a comprehensive database of all major media, bloggers and product/app review websites. If you're looking for PR distribution, this is a great list to begin with. Each record includes: - Contact Name - Publication Name - Website URL - Address - Email - Description
2.7M Consumer Subscribers. This data has been aggregated from a number of websites, which include daily deal sites that have gone out of business. Data includes: - Full Name - Address - Phone Number - Email - Signup Website - IP Address - Date of Signup Data will be delivered via a dropbox link in CSV format.