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“When it comes to direct marketing, Email is where it’s at”, says Joel Book of ExactTarget.com. In a world of countless communication options, updates and developments, Joel has a great point that’s based on his 35 years of experience in the business world. He brings things back to an easily digestible and understandable perspective.

Christine Kelly is the B2B Marketing Specialist at Groupon, and she introduces industry experts to the webinar. You don’t want to miss this one – clear and concise tips for email marketing are discussed in detail, and Joel certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Near the end of the value-packed webinar, questions are asked from online listeners, and Joel answers them all with passion, examples, and lasered-in techniques. Best practices for email marketing are also covered, which is a major factor in rates of spam and frustration on the part of targeted leads.

Some of the topics covered include:

- Why Email marketing is the linchpin of customer engagement

Email is the most cost-effective medium of connection with your customers to keep them updated on your business! 58% of us check our Email first thing in the morning. Email provides a direct link to your product or service.

- How to avoid turning your subscribers off through best practices

Don’t SPAM prospective customers by simply sending lots of messages. Stick to delivering useful, relevant offers and updates that offer value. They will come back time and time again. Plus, they’ll get the word out about the deals they’ve uncovered!

- How to KEEP your customers and drive repeat purchases

Give them a REASON to sign-up for your Email updates! Offer regular incentives for getting your ads in front of their friends, and engage your audience! Make it a priority to engage your customers and prospective customers on a daily basis. Regular, sustained effort is what it takes to get the word out in word of mouth marketing.

- What is the relationship between Social Media and Email?

Your customers help to spread the word faster than any other strategy! Word of mouth is a HUGE catalyst.75% of adults who use Social Media say that the best way for companies to communicate with them is by Email. Make sure you have Facebook/Twitter/YouTube presence, and that you’ve got sign-up forms for people to get your latest offers from!

- Why timing is critical to engaging your target market

Make sure you’re staying ahead of your competition. Look at what they’re doing, and get to customers faster, follow-up with any questions (shows integrity and transparency) to grow your business!

- 5 proven tips for effective Email marketing!

Invite Email subscribers to spread the word, and reward them for doing so! Offer a coupon when they forward the offers to any number of friends. That’s how your ads go viral, and everybody wins.

See the actual presentation at http://vimeo.com/20262066





Brian Good

Brian Good is one of the founders of dealdoc.com a leading daily deal aggregator. Brian has been the driving force in several proftable online marketing campaigns in the eleven years he has been in the marketing field. He currently manages the online marketing force behind dealdoc.com. His secret to success is honesty, patience, hard work, and his ability to cope with the day to day pressure of his business. He is likely found on the forums sharing his hard earned information or just trying to help out a newcomer. In late 2010 Brian made a decision to his partners and family to devote all of his time to the thriving daily deal industry. He is a proud contributor to dailydealmedia.com.
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  • joeymuller

    Good stuff. Groupon and other group deal sites have proven that email is still very much KING. I think email has contributed significantly to Groupon's meteoric success. But there must be more to it — WHY has it become the fastest growing company in history? I recently tackled this: http://joeymuller.com/post/344…. Thanks, Joey

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