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Groupon’s IPO Summary

Groupon officially went public this morning, trading under the ticker “GRPN” and opened the day at a surprising $20.00. The stock shocked skeptics when it started trading +40% after only a few hours. The stock hit a day high of $31.14 and a day low of $25.90 – Not bad for a company under such scrutiny the past few weeks.  At market close, GRPN ended its first day of trading at $26.11, up 30.55%.

Groupon certainly more-than withstood the criticism and broke the mold for tech companies. Their Post-IPO is far larger than Amazon and Microsoft, larger than Netscape, LinkedIn and Webvan. Where does it sit? Groupon’s Post-IPO is the second largest of a tech company – ever. And if that weren’t enough to convince critics of the company’s potential, at close today Groupon’s Post-IPO is officially the third largest in history.



groupon ipo

Groupon's First Day Trading

Groupon’s staff enjoyed their day and for the most part tried to stay out of the media limelight. I contacted Julie at Groupon for a comment and received these photos showing the staff celebrating in Chicago.

Inside Groupon Novemeber 4

Inside Groupon Novemeber 4

Inside Groupon Novemeber 4 Inside Groupon Novemeber 4











Inside Groupon Novemeber 4

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