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malcolm thomasIt’s quite reasonable that we all want to have a mobile version of our websites these days: one for the iPhone, another for the iPad, the Android smartphones, the Blackberry… It seems that in the next few years we’ll have to design for a number of completely new gadgets. As this tendency doesn’t seem to slow down, it makes sense to consider building mobile-optimized websites as soon as possible. The good news is that providing yourself with a responsive website isn’t as daunting as you may think. With this article I’m going to cover 5 site builders that offer responsive web design solutions in their packages.

Responsive Web Design: Quick Facts

RWD implies creating websites providing an optimal viewing experience: easy navigation and reading as well as minimum scrolling and resizing. Websites designed with RWD work across a wide range of devices (from smartphones to desktops) adapting the layout to the browsing device. To make this happen, web designers use fluid, proportion-based grids, CSS3 media queries, flexible images and other practices. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? There’s a way to bypass all these tech terms :) – check out some of the site makers that can help you create responsive websites. You may also want to read my full reviews of these website builders.


Squarespace is the clear winner when it comes to imagery and web design. Have you seen their homepage? It’s mesmerizing. The guys who created it do know how cool websites should look like, and they can help you build such sites. Speaking about responsiveness, each Squarespace-powered website includes a unique mobile-optimized version matching the overall aesthetics of your website ensuring great mobile view across different devices. If needed, it can be disabled through from Website Manager.


By selecting MotoCMS site maker you will get your website’s content displayed impeccably on every device, every time. Their easy-to-use Mobile Editor is a perfect addition to their existing site building features. No coding, no prior webmastering experience required – just switch to their inbuilt Mobile Editor and enjoy the same editing opportunities and customizable settings. Remember to activate the mobile version of your website by ticking the corresponding checkbox. By the way, there’s a special Birthday offer by MotoCMS in November – 40% off.

Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites with their easy-to-use interface will make you feel like a designer. With their Mobile Editor you will be able to bring about virtually any layout and design ideas simply by dragging and dropping the elements and performing other simple gestures. Without you doing a thing extra, your website will be optimized to look awesome on smaller screens. You can check this feature free within their basic package.


Any website made with IMCreator is web-standards compliant and is promised to look great and behave responsively on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones and even older browsers. Because IMCreator’s Team is very passionate about design and visual impression, their collection of templates allows you to examine their mobile templates’ look, feel and functionality in a demo mode. If you like what you see in a demo version, just click the ‘Customize Now’ button and start embodying your bravest design fantasies in a split second!


With a range of customizable settings offered by Webydo including fonts, colors, grid generators, shadows, forms and detailed page configurations, every Webydo-based website can be personalized with just a few clicks. Their sophisticated system is created with modern browsers and mobile gadgets in mind so that your website will look exactly as desired across a wide range of the Internet-compatible devices. Webydo is also known for their excellent collaboration/business solutions, namely ‘Bill My Client’, ‘Build Your Brand’ options and the ability to add multiple contributors to a single project.

Malcolm Thomas

Malcolm Thomas is an experienced webmaster and blogger. He enjoys reviewing popular website building software and sharing tips on easy ways to create websites. You will find more articles by Malcolm on his personal blog
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