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nCrowd Merging with TeamBuy?

Choosing the Right Daily Deal Site for Your Needs

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Meh Launches a Classic Daily Deal Site

Fully funded by over 1400 funders of its Kickstarter campaign, Meh – a daily deals site -  launched today. The founder of Woot – now owned by Amazon – is at the helm, determined to return to the simple one-deal model. A limited number of one particular item will be made available each day at a fantastic price. Once the item has sold out, users will have to wait until the next day to scope out the next deal. This is a return to the days of frantic excitement, rushing…

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nCrowd Merging with TeamBuy?

teambuySources from nCrowd tell us that they are exploring a merger deal with TeamBuy. nCrowd has grown aggressively by acquiring the deal business from Saveology, KGB, Eversave and others. 

Teambuy merged with DealFind and is one of the leading daily deal companies in Canada. 

Stay tuned, more details coming.


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Bigcommerce gears up with Hiring Spree and New San Francisco Office

Just over six months after closing a $40m investment round, led by AOL co-founder Steve Case, Bigcommerce is gearing up to significantly expand its product portfolio and commerce platform, which is currently used by over 50,000 businesses in 137 countries around the world.

Bigcommerce co-founder Mitchell Harper said they had been quietly laying the foundations for an accelerated period of growth, but they were now ready to make a slew of announcements —  two marquee hires, the opening of a new San Francisco office and an aggressive move to hire 40 engineers in 60 days.

Harper said: “2013…

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Choosing a Blogging Platform

Once you’ve decided to start a blog, the next major decision you need to make is what platform to use. There are dozens of options, and most of them probably have the same basic functions. However, there are three that have stood out among the rest due to features, options, and popularity. They are WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.

WordPress is the most popular of the three. They offer a free version, as well as a premium version that costs up to $99 per year. WordPress offers both a blogging platform and a full content management…

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Choosing the Right Daily Deal Site for Your Needs

7-23-grouponThere are so many daily deal sites out there now; they may all start to look the same. However, there are key differences between many of them that may be more or less appealing to individual shoppers.

Groupon is the most popular daily deal website among consumers. While this news may be discouraging for other daily deal sites, it shouldn’t be surprising. Although they have since expanded the “daily deal” idea; their model is being mimicked by dozens of other companies hoping to cash in on their success.

LivingSocial is generally…

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The Myth Behind Growing Your Daily Deal Subscriber Base

daily deal builderEditor’s note: The following is a guest post by Marc Horne.  Marc is a co-founder of, provider of daily deal software, solutions, and sales training.

7 Behaviors to Focus on that are More Important Than Growing your Subscriber Base

I often speak with deal site owners whose primary milestones are based around the size of their subscriber base.  And while it’s true that the size of a daily deal company’s subscriber base most often has a direct correlation with revenues generated, I’m a firm believer that growing your userbase…

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Asia Leads the Mobile App Industry

mobile commerceDistimo, a mobile apps research firm, announced that Asia is the most lucrative market within the mobile app industry. In December 2013, 41% of all mobile app revenue came from Asia. Meanwhile, 31% of revenue came from North America and 23% of revenue came from Europe. While users in North America were some of the earliest adopters, Asian users are turning out to be the faster adopters. Companies have seen an explosion in the mobile usage throughout Asia in 2013. 

When determining these numbers, Distimo examined the revenue of Apple’s App…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Changing E-commerce Platforms

An e-commerce platform is one that provides businesses with the technology and tools needed to create an online store, manage customers and more. Common features of an e-commerce platform are content management tools, shopping cart, product management tools, pricing, order management, payment systems, merchandising, social network management, inventory management, integrations and more.

While some e-commerce platforms only offer certain components, others offer a complete package. For many companies, the complete package platforms are the most useful. However, some smaller businesses do not need all of that, so they are unwilling to pay…

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Offerpop Introduces New Pinterest-Based Business

Offerpop specializes in helping businesses and marketers design and launch multi-faceted social marketing campaigns. Their newest product, called, adds to their current services by focusing on business expansion and customer conversion through Pinterest and is designed to help marketers tap into the 70 million + Pinterest users.

Pinterest has proven to be an effective format for converting users into customers. Pinterest drives approximately 23% of all social commerce. Additionally, Pinterest has the highest average order total. Shoppers buying through Pinterest spend an average of $200,…

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7 Ways to Capitalize on Email Marketing in a Growing Mobile Market

email marketing 2014Despite overall assumptions, the use of email is stronger than ever, and many are now seeing that social media and mobile apps will not replace the need for email. Many have found that email marketing is growing. In a survey of 1500 consumers, it was found that 56% have been prompted to make purchases through an email received on their mobile device.

Another factor to consider is that there are still large markets just starting to wake up to the mobile boom. While smartphones have been the standard in the…

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