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justdealsEditor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Richard Chemel. Chemel is VP of  the national daily deal site that offers brand name products at best internet pricing.

Apple’s recent decision to offer consumers who purchased grey area/off brand/knockoff connector cables real Apple cables (at a reduced price) brings the attention that many daily deal sites sell off brand, or many times- non-branded goods.

I know when I shop deal sites, I really want to see the brand name, even if it’s an off brand. That way, if  I choose to do more research on the product, the opportunity is there.  Why daily deal sites omit brand names can only be that –they may not want the consumer to see who manufactures it- or in a worst case scenario- the item is a knock off- and unbranded.  Is this misleading to customers? The buyer is the judge. 

Take for example a recent item I saw online- Oral-B style replacement toothbrush heads.  A savvy consumer would catch the word “style”, and know the seller is pitching knock-offs.  I wonder if Oral-B is happy about the use of their valued brand?  Add this to the negative feedback the product received online from consumers- Is this being penny wise and pound foolish?

Of course it comes down to dollars and cents, but consumers are going to wise up- and it’s only a matter of time that they will show their disinterest to misleading daily deal sites or merchants sites.  If you are upfront about the product- there should be no discussion needed.

Do you think it’s a good practice for Daily Deal sites to use misleading descriptions in their product headlines? 

Richard Chemel

Richard Chemel is VP of the national daily deal site that offers brand name products at best internet pricing. Before joining Justdeals, Chemel owned a brick and mortar eBay store, and prior to that chat host for Prodigy, LATIMES.COM, CNBC on MSN Money.
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