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If you’ve been around the web a lot, you may have come across the annoying blog or forum comments that say “I check http://grouponbot.com more often then I check Groupon now”. Sometimes the links are buried in what a is an attempt to make the post look legitimate but it’s a poor attempt at best if you’re already familiar with these “spammy” tactics.

With Groupon going after sites like Scoopon for trademark infringement and making complaints that sites like these are hurting business and their good name, how is it that this one, far more obvious than some, seems to be slipping under their radar?

According to Groupon’s infringement complaint against Scoopon:

“Actual confusion to as to source, sponsorship, affiliation, connection or identification has occurred between Groupon’s use of its registered mark and defendants’ unauthorized use of the Scoopon mark, and the websites located at groupon.com.au and Scoopon.com.au on a number of occasions, consumers contacted Groupon instead of defendants.”

So isn’t Grouponbot causing confusion as to source, sponsorship, affiliation, connection or identification by blatantly using “Groupon” as the major part of its name? They even say that they are powered by Groupon, so wouldn’t this lead many to believe that Grouponbot was actually a sort of aggregator site owned by Groupon?

This site actually looks like it might be set up purely to earn income from Groupon’s affiliate program through pay-per-clicks and/or completed transactions. If you check out Groupon’s API Branding Requirements surrounding the use of the graphics, it doesn’t even look like they’re in compliance, though that’s really the least of the problems with this site.

While Grouponbot is not the only site taking advantage of the industry and using underhanded methods to make a few bucks, they are currently one of the worst. Spam, in all its forms (and those yet unthought of) is most likely here to stay but we can at least take steps to prevent some of it.

By the way… yes, I know that any press is good press but maybe enough bad press will eventually make this particular problem go away.


Krissa Ashton

  • Kris

    Ha ha … thanks Sally. We’ll soon have the posting set up so there will be no grouponbot here at all.

  • Anonymous

    Groupon is really doing the job……I am amazed to see groupon to being so successful and actually i am also a user of groupon i passes over http://grouponbot.com on the net some 2 years ago when this service was launched and from that time i was thinking that someday this site will gain the reputation of facebook and simmilar sites. It offers cool, i mean awesome national deals and discounts ….Now it is grouping up with other companies like Virgin airlines and Starbucks etc.

  • Terry Mowery

    Your bio says “Subscribe to his twitter feed”. I sent you an email but you ignored it.

  • Kris

    Hi Terry…. I don't get the emails directly. They go through the system and then have to be forwarded to me. I wouldn't ignore you. :). I think my own twitter account, facebook etc has gotten hooked in with the blogs I write for and I'm not sure how to sort it all out. You could try sending an email to Boyan (on the contact page) and ask him to forward it. I've noticed that you're pretty active in the comments… Thanks for that!

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