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A Look at the Current Rankings in an Industry Gearing Up for Change


Daily deals sites have changed the way that many people shop and the way they save money. It’s no longer about sitting over the Sunday circulars and clipping coupons for a few cents off on brand name products or perusing the grocery store flyers to see who has the best deals for the week. It’s gotten bigger and better than any of that and it’s even gone high tech, beyond just computer high tech. Now, in many cases you can just swipe your handheld device at the register to receive your coupon discount. Grandma and in many cases even Mom would be amazed.

Group buying and daily deals are nothing new, but heads didn’t really start turning until Groupon came along. They have taken group buying to a whole new level and with their success hundreds are following suit. As with any industry startup, some will succeed but many will fall by the wayside in less than a year. As the industry matures, the players will change. Those on top now may be like yesterday’s old news in six months or less.

2011 could prove to be a make or break year for many of the leaders in the industry. Bigger players are entering the game, Google, for example with its Google Offers and Amazon standing firmly behind LivingSocial. So let’s take a look at the leaders as they stand now, because the game may soon be changing.

Groupon: Groupon currently holds the number one spot in the industry. Last year Groupon turned down a buyout offer from Google for an estimated $6 billion but went on to raise $950 million in funding. The coupon king has had a few missteps with a Japanese New Year deal gone wrong and the recent Super Bowl fiasco but thus far they’re leaving contenders in the dust.

Location: Chicago, IL.

Founded: 2008

Global Traffic Rank: 355

US Traffic Rank: 79

Daily Visitors: 952,470

LivingSocial: LivingSocial holds the number two spot, but has sworn to outpace Groupon this year. With their $175 million investment from Amazon, they may be able to do just that. Where we once called them a distant second to Groupon, stats show that they are gaining ground. They also currently hold the record for the biggest selling deal, 1.3 million Amazon gift cards.

Location: Washington DC

Founded: 2007

Global Traffic Rank: 510

US Traffic Rank: 83

Daily Visitors: 662,994

Woot: Woot is considered the pioneer of daily deals and has actually been around longer than most of the other sites, so it certainly can’t be called a clone. They also own a few other specialty sites such as shirt.woot and wine.woot. In June 2010, woot was acquired by Amazon but still operates under the Woot logo.

Location: Carrollton, TX.

Founded: July, 2004

Global Traffic Rank: 777

US Traffic Rank: 180

Daily Visitors: 435,170

Eversave: Eversave is owned by Prospectiv, a company that’s been around since 1999, so they’re not exactly a new kid on the block. They started offering national and local deals in 2010 and have made a pretty quick rise to one of the top five deal sites in the industry.

Location: Woburn, MA

Founded: June, 2010

Global Traffic Rank: 2,043

US Traffic Rank: 417

Daily Visitors: 165,505

Gilt City: Gilt City could be called a high-end Groupon. They offer exclusive experiences and insider pricing up to 75 percent off for members only on restaurants, spas and events. The offers are available in a small select list of major cities. The site has a very posh metropolitan feel, so it’s doubtful that they have any concerns about rank among the other sites since they’re definitely in a class of their own.

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 2010

Global Traffic Rank: 12,595

US Traffic Rank: 1,871

Daily Visitors: 26,846

BuyWithMe: BuyWithMe reported in January that they held the number three spot in the industry, but according to Alexa ranking they have slipped a couple of spots. Cheryl Rosner stepped down as CEO last December after only eight months on the job. She was replaced less than a month later by Jim Crowley, who took over as President and CEO for the company. At one point, late last year it was rumored that Google might have an interested in acquiring BuyWithMe.

Location: Boston, MA

Founded: March, 2009

Global Traffic Rank: 15,585

US Traffic Rank: 3,034

Daily Visitors: 21,696

Kgbdeals: Kgbdeals is owned by the same company that offers directory assistance in the UK and France, a text Q &A service and a people search engine. Kgbdeals hasn’t been in the news much lately, but it may be that they’re just focusing on taking care of business.

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 2010

Global Traffic Rank: 21,211

US Traffic Rank: 2,873

Daily Visitors: 15,941

Tippr: Tippr recently raised $4 million in funding and is also considered to be a potential acquisition for Google. The surprising thing about Tippr is, that just like BuyWithMe, they have been claiming to hold the number three spot in the industry, following Groupon and LivingSocial. Alexa and Compete stats are showing the site at number eight in our list.

Location: Seattle WA

Founded: Feb. 25, 2010

Global Traffic Rank: 31,062

US Traffic Rank: 6,352

Daily Visitors: 10,886

HomeRun: HomeRun is another site that is going quietly about its business, as far as news is concerned but they must be doing something right since they’ve made the top ten list. Last May HomeRun raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding.

Location: San Francisco, CA.

Founded: January 2010

Global Traffic Rank: 32,905

US Traffic Rank: 5,267

Daily Visitors: 7,043

ScoutMob: Scoutmob is a daily deals site that works with your mobile device. If you see a deal you like, simple send it to your phone. There’s nothing to print and there’s no need to pay in advance. Strangely, our number ten site may actually be the future of daily deals.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Founded: April, 2008

Global Traffic Rank: 52,977

US Traffic Rank: 6,383

Daily Visitors: 6,383

Source: Alexa, Compete, ReportMySite

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    Great article on daily deal sites. May I add – http://www.midnightbox.com is a good daily deal site as well. They offer 3 deals each day, mainly on electronics.

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