Top 10 Internet Marketing Blogs


Whatever you feed the brain will subsequently influence the information you aim to impart onto others. There are a myriad of marketing blogs specializing in different market niches with each blogger trying to ascertain expertise in certain areas.

Whether it’s the diverse forms of online marketing, digital, email or content marketing modules, each individual blogger tries to create original content to suit the needs of their readers.

As a reader, it’s important you gain access to the required content rather than being sidelined by “SEO” kind of marketing blogs that are mostly concerned with amassing web traffic rather than delivering the significant information the reader is focused on.

Thus, a prominent marketer or blogger alike should be astute in understanding the subtleties of an edifying marketing blog. Henceforth, the following is a sample list of internet marketing blogs we have identified as the leaders in creation, processing, and production of relevant material in their niche areas.

They emanate from different areas of the market pool and offer captivating reads that will ensure you get your readers content that’s worth it.

1. The Neil Patel Blog

It’s not every day that you come across a New York Times best seller writing publications for the blog and providing verifiable and informative information. If you’ve never heard of this blog, you should make a date and visit it because it offers a variety of information ranging from e-commerce fields to different benchmarks such as S&P 500.

The information posted on his blog is well researched and has accrued the honor of being accredited by top magazines such as Forbes. This goes to show the kind of work ethic behind Neil Patel’s blog publications. Interestingly, the blogger does not stop at business articles instead he spreads his wings to cover social media platforms through diverse content marketing pieces.

2. Moz Blog

Multi-tasking is a common aspect of internet marketing. If you want to achieve internet credibility and still outperform in the SEO front. The Moz blog offers a gateway to understand all the features of search engine optimization (SEO) both from a technical perspective for beginners and established market icons.

The blog is chock filled with tons of information about design and conception of a successful SEO blog and ways of leveraging different products through internet marketing. For example they are synonymous for posting weekly videos that are immensely helpful at improving SEO capabilities referred to as “whiteboard Fridays”.

3. Curata

This is a blog dedicated to content advertising techniques and specializes in the development of original content. This blog describes in detail ways of improving the quality of your content and ways of turning blog visitors into subscribers. There are also some blogs on how one can write great content.

They also elaborate on diverse ways of increasing web traffic through your blog including tips on how to dispense your content. Such information is important for digital marketers.

4. The HubSpot

This is a great addition to launch your skills in case you are new to the internet marketing industry. The highly interactive interface presented by the blog allows you to learn and acquire instrumental skills be it in -bound strategies or web design protocols. The easy DIY templates allow you to gain access to mounds of reliable data.

Furthermore, they offer information on analytics and expand your knowledge on the optimization of dissimilar social media marketing strategies on offer. This includes different forms of landing pages and infographics critical to establishing yourself in the e-business sector.

5. One-Click Lindsey Blog

The different mediums used to pass along the message in this blog make it a reliable candidate for being among the top ten marketing blogs. Due to the current millennial and generation Z research ethic, provision of instructional videos looks more appealing than reading endless pages of content.

The blog is well equipped with videos, written content, and podcasts on the different ways of digital online marketing, providing an instant hit just like the blog name suggests.

6. IMPROZ Internet Marketing

The diversity expressed on this blog is comparable to others on the list. They might term themselves as the gurus of social media marketing because they focus on a variety of topics. Although, majority of their clout is focused on social media, they offer reliable information on SEOs, digital trends, and web designing features.

7. Google Blog

If you have not heard of the Google blog, you should know that it exists. Definitely one of the biggest, if not the top search engines in the world, Google is doing it all. If you have ambitions of making it in the SEO and internet marketing world, you ought to take a quick sneak peek into the blog to understand new products or ideas.

8. Search Engine Land

It’s important to keep abreast with the changes and updates in the SEO world. There’s no better place to do this than search engine land. This blog has constant posts spanning a broad spectrum that’s sure to capture your imagination and attention.

This blog post has guest writers that are experts in digital marketing. Having many writers allows the site to publish information of pay-per-click marketing, social media advertising, and any other digital promotion content.

9. The Jeff Bullas Blog

Among the leading experts on digital marketing, this guy is one of the most trusted. Being one of the most well known digital marketing influencer in the world, Jeff Bullas shares his knowledge with enthusiastic readers and marketers. If your eyes are focused on greatness in digital marketing, this blog is a good start.

10. Writtent

If you are in need of authoritative written material, this is a great source of informative case studies to set you on your way. The blog contains rich content that spans from copy right laws, blogging, SEO and online marketing strategies.

If you are interested in online advertising, you can look through thousands of articles in the site’s database until you find what you want.


These are only, but a few of the different types of blogs out there that offer sound online marketing advice. The posts in most of these blogs offer compelling reads that are bound to increase a semblance of knowledge to boost the marketing skills that you already have.

Reading is a tool to sharpen your mind and making it a habit can always keep you informed on the day-to-day activities. Active blog readers tend to be more at par with relating to emerging trends. Therefore, make it a habit to read and expand your intellectual breadth. Therefore, start with one blog from this list and see how much it can change your life.